Nov 2

College Pro Painters was not a college painters scam

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My experience with College Pro:

The intent of this letter is to express my thoughts regarding my experience with College Pro Painters and more importantly to give a more objective perspective of the impact that this experience can have. I will detail, honestly, what I consider to be the most important benefits, as well as the drawbacks associated with the Franchise Manager position. But overall, this testimony proves that College Pro is not a college painting scam, but really a challenging business that requires the right amount of work to succeed.

I was a junior at Kansas State University majoring in Industrial Engineering. As well as being a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, I was serving as President of the house. I was involved a number of campus organizations and had a very, very adequate social life (in terms of a normal college student, not just an engineering major). In other words I had a busy and demanding schedule. I had completed a summer engineering internship the previous summer and like most college students was trying to find another internship to further pad my resume until I could get out of college and make the big bucks!