Jul 22

Satisfied Customers Disagree About College Pro Scam

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college pro painters scamWhile researching painting contractors you are likely to find good and bad reviews online for every professional out there, which is just the nature of working in customer service. The best way to make a clear, informed decision about hiring someone to paint your home is to thoroughly research and explore both sides of the story before deciding on a contractor.

College Pro Painters is a unique company that works with young, business minded entrepreneurs. By offering college and university students a painting franchise to manage and operate for one year, this company essentially empowers these managers to cultivate the skills needed to excel in other endeavors. The students chosen are driven, responsible and detail oriented; only about 3% of applicants are accepted to the program, and those that are must enroll in an intensive training period prior to picking up a brush or speaking to a potential customer. College Pro has taken these precautionary steps to avoid any claims of a College Pro Painters scam.

There have recently been some online testimonies that claim there is a College Pro Painters scam at work within this company and similar student run painting businesses. However, there are hundreds of satisfied customers who have come out to refute these claims and express their satisfaction with the level of service and quality of work they experienced working with College Pro.

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Jul 21

Success Story Challenges College Pro Painters Scam Claims

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college pro painters scamCollege Pro Painters is the largest North American student run painting company; in business for over 40 years now, College Pro has given thousands of young entrepreneurs the opportunity and skills to become successful in their post-college endeavors. These satisfied students are outraged when they hear claims of a College Pro Painters scam, and have begun speaking out to “clear the air” about working with College Pro.

One man in particular, Dave Rychley, the current president of College Pro in the United States recently sat down with us and told his amazing story of success and shared his dismay at hearing some have claimed the company is a College Pro Painters scam.

Dave started out with College Pro in 1996 as a Franchisee in Shoreview Minnesota. Before coming to the company he held a number of odd jobs including working at a restaurant, carwash, berry farm and as a referee for youth basketball and hockey games; he was a “basic employee making a basic wage.” Dave discovered College Pro while studying at the University of St. Thomas and worked as a Franchise Manager for summers, which helped him realize that his true potential and ambition lied in running a business.

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Jul 20

Student Success Falsifies College Pro Painters Scam Claims

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college pro painters scamThere are always 2 sides to every story. While researching possible opportunities with College Pro, you may come across some former student franchisees that will claim that there is College Pro Painters scam. However, there are thousands of Franchise Managers who have had a great experience with the company and have gone on to become successful business men and women in their respective fields, and attribute much of their success to the solid foundation that College Pro gave them, certainly not a College Pro Painters scam.

There is one man in particular we recently caught up with, Jason Campana, current College Pro Vice President of Minneapolis. His story certainly counters any claims of a College Pro Painters scam!

Jason started out with the company in 2002 as a job site manager in Chasen, MN. Before his involvement with College Pro he had a number of part time jobs including factory work, dishwashing, newspaper delivery and hockey referee. One of the most important take-aways Jason has experienced working with College Pro is his confidence; “You are often more capable than you think. Taking on challenges will allow you to see what you can really do.” This philosophy and personal ambition has taken him far in the College Pro system and his new passion is passing that same opportunity and challenge along to potential Franchise Managers and Job Site Managers.

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Jul 19

Solid Foundation Ensures College Pro Painters Scam Claim is False

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There are lots of college painting companies out there; many of them are successful and provide a valuable service for local businesses and residences, but some have been accused of being fraudulent. The best way to avoid entanglement with a Painting scam is to ensure there is a solid plan and foundation before involving yourself with any company.

College Pro Painters takes great pain in providing plenty of training and resources to their young entrepreneurs within their system to avoid any rumors of a College Pro Painters scam. This reputable company offers more than just a summer job; they provide college students with the business and managerial skills they need to be successful in future endeavors.

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Jul 18

College Pro Painters Scam?

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College Pro Painters scamCollege Pro Painters is not your average summer job. This company gives young entrepreneurs the opportunity to own and operate every aspect of a business for three months during their summer break from college. The program has helped thousands of young business-minded individuals cultivate necessary business and managerial skills. However, this is not a punch-in punch-out, go home opportunity. The job demands long hours and a serious commitment, which is not for everyone. Amidst allegations of a College Pro Painters scam, it is important to review the facts, not the rumors or grumbling from disenchanted franchisees.

College Pro is a well respected company in the US and Canada, in business for over 40 years and an accredited BBB member with thousands of happy customers and franchisees, hardly a College Pro Painters scam. In order to avoid claims of a College Pro Painters scam, this well known company takes painstaking efforts to ensure each and every franchisee that enters the system is well trained and prepared for the job ahead. There is a rigorous screening and training process that occurs before the first brush stroke is made, and only about 3% of the yearly applicants are selected to enter the system. One would think if a College Pro Painters scam was involved here, this rate would be much higher.

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