Sep 28

Students Show Support in Wake of College Pro Painters Scam

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A College Pro Painters Scam? Satisfied customers and students respond with a resounding “No!” College Pro Painters, which has been leading college students to their career potentials through franchise opportunities for over forty years, has recently become victim to online criticism. Unhappy former students make unfounded claims that reference hard work, training, and profitability. Who better to refute such claims than those who have been a part of the program themselves?

College Pro prides itself upon customer satisfaction, which is why accusations of a College Pro Painters scam can be admittedly frustrating. The company goes to great lengths to hire only the most dedicated, serious students who truly want to serve their communities and grow personally. In fact, only 700 franchise managers are chosen of the 25,000 who apply.  One of them is Cory Powell. Now a sales engineer, he was once a franchise manager.

“I developed a more refined sense of leadership as a result of being a Franchise Manager,” he said. “The experience with College Pro, much to the contrary of what my fellow engineers had initially thought, enhanced my engineering degree. It allowed me to present myself to corporate recruiters as a person with a well-rounded background.”

Sep 25

Company Good Outshines College Pro Painters Scam Rumors

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Negative feedback and claims of scams are tough for businesses deal with—especially when they’re untrue.  So how has College Pro Painters dealt with the false claims of a College Pro Painters scam? By focusing on all the good that flows out of the 40-year old company, and keeping that momentum going.

What type of good is strong enough to overshadow false College Pro Painters Scam rumors? The kind that spans across a nation and touches the lives of those who least expect it. College Pro, a painting company that offers college students a unique opportunity to own and operate their own painting businesses, nurtures a core purpose of ‘together, realizing potentials.’ To them, this means realizing the potentials of their community, as well. Each year, student managers and full-time staffers participate in charity events, donating painting services that have equated almost $1 million to improve living conditions across North America.

With concerns of a heavier burden than a College Pro Painters scam carries, several College Pro students also have given up a week of partying at spring break hot spots to help others. Participants in the company’s alternative spring break program come together to paint the homes of those who would otherwise not be able to afford it. Together, they have transformed numerous homes with a fresh coat of paint, giving homeowners a new outlook, too.

Sep 22

Painting Company’s True Colors Disprove College Pro Painters Scam

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Even the strongest companies that thrive year after year bear the wrath of unhappy former customers, employees or partners. College Pro Painters does, too; but the forty-year old company continues to stand strong against claims of a College Pro Painters Scam, armoring itself with its purpose and dedication to the grateful students who prove otherwise.

College Pro Painters is North America’s largest student-run painting company, serving communities in 28 U.S. states and seven Canadian providences. Aside from providing quality painting services to homeowners, the company offers business-minded college students the chance to own and operate their own painting franchise. The opportunity offered to students is much more than an internship—it provides a challenging, real-life business experience that inspires excellence.

The few former College Pro students who rumor a College Pro Painters scam make claims regarding the workload they endured during the summer. College Pro makes it no secret that students will be working hard, long hours. In fact, work ethic is a deep root of the company which it hopes to pass along to ambitious students. It takes hard work to manage a franchise, a fact any business owner will attest to. College Pro entrepreneurs are no different, and it is that hard work which allows the company to meet its values every day: deliver what you promise, respect the individual, have pride in what you do, and be open minded to possibilities. The amount of labor students will perform is disclosed to them during their information sessions and is plastered right on the website, refuting a College Pro Painters scam.

Sep 19

The Truth about Hard Work and College Pro Painters Scam

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Not unlike other customer service businesses, College Pro Painters has been subject to complaints. A College Pro Painters scam has been claimed by few former college students involved in College Pro’s program, which offers them the opportunity to own and operate their own painting business. Countless satisfied College Pro alumni, however, refute such claims with their own resounding success.

The main issue argued in the College Pro Painters scam claims is the unexpected amount of work involved in the program. College Pro does not hide that students will need to push themselves mentally and physically as franchisees. In fact, it is disclosed directly on the company website: “As a College Pro Manager, you should be prepared to work long and hard to make your business successful. And we are in this with you every step of the way. Our exceptional leadership and management training program provides the tools you need to succeed.”

Many alumni, though, found that very work ethic developed through the program is what led to its benefits.  One former London, Ontario franchisee Sal Spitale counts the hard work as a contributor to his future endeavors as well as his ties to his community.

Sep 15

Company Values Contradict College Pro Painters Scam Allegations

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You can’t please everyone. Every business that has ever provided any product or service knows this. They have all been subject to criticism by everyone from customers to competitors to disgruntled employees. Unfortunately, College Pro Painters is no exception. Claims of a “College Pro Painters” scam have been made by very few students who were involved in the College Pro entrepreneurial program at one time. Their complaints stem largely from the fact that the unhappy franchise managers entered the program unprepared or willing to put in the commitment, dedication and hard work needed to succeed in any small business venture.

However, many business-minded students were willing to put in that commitment, dedication and hard work to succeed—and success they found. Thousands of current and former members of the College Pro family disprove the College Pro Painters scam. Thousands have reaped the benefits of joining the program and are forever grateful for the opportunity to own their own painting businesses. They’ve equipped themselves with the qualities employers look for in job candidates—leadership, management skills and strong work ethic to name a few.