Oct 29

Debunking the College Pro Painters Scam Myth

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When I first heard about it from my roommate in residence, I thought it sounded like there was a College Pro Painters scam.  He told me that he was interviewing with them, and that he was applying for the franchise manager role.  Even though he was studying business in school, I was pretty sure he had nowhere near enough experience to run a business.  I didn’t really understand how he could be considered for such a role; I thought that surely there was a College Pro Painters scam.  He started telling me about the position, and the more I heard about it, the more I wanted to learn.  I attended an info session and proceeded to apply for the role.

As I learned more through the interview process, I started to understand that there is no College Pro Painters scam; you get out of it exactly what you put into it.  I was used to this idea since I had grown up playing sports, and, in my experience, the harder you worked and the more you practiced, the more you were successful in that sport.  I realized that if I was willing to put in the time and the work, I would be able to achieve success with College Pro, and achieve more than I probably could elsewhere as a student.

Oct 24

The College Pro Painters Scam Myth

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While researching summer jobs for students, many different options for “ways to make easy money” or “make tons working from home” come up in online searches.  When I see these, I immediately think “scam”.  One of the search results you will definitely see when you search for summer jobs for students is with College Pro Painters.  It has been speculated that, College Pro Painters, the largest and most successful student run painting business in North America, is also a scam.  Is there a College Pro Painters scam?  Let the facts speak for themselves.

Often when we think of scams, we think of people misrepresenting themselves or their stories and deceiving you to get money or something else from you.  We all remember the Nigerian email scams claiming that your help is needed to access a large sum of money, usually many millions of dollars, but, in fact, this money does not exist.  Once these scammers get your information or money, they disappear.

Oct 20

Not a College Pro Scam, but a Real World Challenge

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Is there a College Pro Painters Scam?  This question is normal and I would imagine comes up a lot.  Why does this question get asked?  If you look at opportunities available for students, there are few that offer any true challenge or provide students with any real world challenges or experiences.  It may seem crazy that a student is capable of handling the responsibility of running their own business, but let me ask you this- how will any students be prepared to be a successful entrepreneur or be prepared for real life without real responsibility?  I would not say that there is a College Pro Painters Scam; I would call it an opportunity for a REAL world success story, a College Pro Painters Success.

A student manager with College Pro Painters runs a real business.  They deal with the very issues that business people, entrepreneurs, and adults face in the real world.  College Pro believes that the world needs entrepreneurs.  Especially in a tumultuous economy, where risk aversion is at a high point, the world needs leaders and entrepreneurs.  College Pro survives on the belief in the young talent in North America, and knows that a College Pro Painters success story, which most of them are, gives a young person the belief and confidence to become an engine in the economy.  Is there a College Pro Painters Scam to believe in the abilities of young people to handle responsibility?  College Pro is a story that has created thousands of success stories for 41 years.

Oct 15

Is there a College Pro Painters Scam?

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I have heard the question raised here or there wondering if there is a College Pro Painters scam. The answer to this question is no. College Pro is a legitimate and highly successful Franchise system that has operated for over 40 years throughout the United States and Canada. College Pro is a rather unique Franchise system in which the Franchise Owners are College and University students. Each year, College Pro offers approximately 700 college students, through an extensive interview process, the opportunity to get hands on business experience and development by running a painting franchise. In addition, College Pro provides thousands of other College students summer employment through Painter and Job Site Manager positions. After reading College Pro reviews from actual past and present College Pro Franchise Managers, you’ll realize that this program is actually revered as a phenomenal development opportunity that supplements their classroom learning with real hands on experience.


Oct 12

Successful Student Denies College Pro Painters Scam – A College Pro Painters Review

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Is College Pro Painters a scam? This is a question that is often asked when talking to current College Pro Painters franchise managers. It is usually prefaced with – “it sounds too good to be true – is it?” Former College Pro Painters franchise manager Sandra Storoschuk’s answer always was “ it is too good to be true if you aren’t the right person – for the right person the College Pro Painters opportunity is second to none in so many ways.”

Here are the top 3 important guidelines to be successful when I look back at my own College Pro Painters reviews over the years.

#1.  Work Hard – Is College Pro Painters a scam? No. It is stated up front that for most students, running a business – including a College Pro business – will be one of the most challenging endeavours they will ever embark on. Want to know the secret? Work hard – put your heart into it. The more time and effort you out into your business the more successful you will be.

Oct 6

Is College Pro Painters a Scam? One alumni refutes this claim.

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Is there a College Pro Painters a scam?  That’s what one of Takuya Davis’ fraternity brothers used to tell him during his first year in college.  What he found out after looking into it more was that the internship, unlike any other, is a position where you can make your own success.   With a small amount of risk, students have the opportunity to make, and get out of the experience, what they choose to put into the experience.  Takuya says, “I went against the grains, including my fraternity brother as well as my father, who both doubted my ability to run a business.  To this date, choosing to run a College Pro franchise was by far the best decision that I have ever made.”

College Pro Painters provides real-world business experience, paralleled to the theories and concepts taught in school.  As anyone can tell you when they interview for that dream job after they graduate—nothing can replace true business experience.  As a College Pro franchise manager, Takuya says, “I learned all aspects of small business management, including:  Selling, Marketing, Financial Management, Human Resources, Conflict Resolution, and many other valuable business skills.”  These are skills that can be used in any future career.