Nov 25

Is there a College Pro Painters scam?

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College Pro Painters has been in business since 1971, operating in local communities across 28 US states and 7 Canadian provinces.  When looking for a summer job or to have your home refreshed with painting or window cleaning, your online research can be overwhelming as positive and negative reviews will populate your search results.  From peer to peer, when you ask anyone about College Pro Painters, you may also get some mixed reviews.  Some claim that there is a College Pro Painters scam, while others, who have actually been a part of College Pro as a student or homeowner, talk at length about their College Pro success.

Reviews are tricky, especially on the World Wide Web.  It is becoming increasingly important to take what you read or hear with a grain of salt.  The internet has become a place for people to “gripe” and there are lots of “gripe” sites out there.  Consumer behavior shows that people who have a poor experience will tell a lot more people than if they had a positive experience, and the internet makes it very easy to share a poor experience.  The internet also allows people to post comments anonymously, so companies cannot even address the comments directly.

Nov 22

A Great Opportunity or a College Pro Painters Scam?

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I’ve often had people ask me if running a franchise with College Pro Painters is a scam.  They say it sounds like a really great opportunity, but that it sounds almost too good to be true, therefore, there must be a College Pro Painters scam.  There are a few things that I say when I hear this, the first and foremost being that we have been doing this for 40 years and have helped thousands and thousands of students run businesses with us through the years.  I also always tell the person that it is up to them to decide for themselves whether they feel there is a College Pro Painters scam or a great opportunity.

Although there are many amazing benefits to running a franchise with us, such as incredible learning and development, autonomy and independence, and the opportunity to have a huge impact on your earnings through the summer, those benefits don’t come without a lot of dedication and hard work.  Our franchisees earn everything that they get out of this opportunity, just like other business owners in other fields.  Very few people will ever run their own business in their lifetime, or ever even have the opportunity to run their own business, but again, it does take hard work.  Running a business isn’t easy, so this isn’t for the faint of heart.

Nov 15

No College Pro Painters Scam Here

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I have been in and out of College Pro for the better part of 26 years, give or take a few years for education and other jobs.  I have always found it interesting trying to explain our business to people.  Entrepreneurship has allure, painting and window cleaning does not.  “Well,” I say when I am asked, “College Pro Painters and College Pro Window Cleaning are home services companies that teach about 800 young entrepreneurs about business every year, and provide good value services to customers.” There are no theoretical case studies in College Pro.  Sometimes a few young entrepreneurs don’t make as much money as they would like to, and some have even lost money. What business school would teach that there is no risk and everyone makes money? We deal in real life; we want to give students a great overall experience and really test them, and allowing no risk would not be the truth.

Nov 10

Debunking the College Pro Painters Scam Myth

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In business, and in life, you can’t please everyone. Anyone who has ever provided any product or service knows this.  You can be held responsible as the business owner for everything from faulty third party products to the sun not shinning.  Unfortunately, College Pro is not an exception to this.  “College Pro Painters Scam, College Pro Painters is the worst student scam, and I’m caught in a College Pro scam” are all examples of unsatisfied individuals who may have been unprepared or unwilling to put in the commitment, dedication and hard work needed to succeed in this opportunity.

Most business students are looking for valuable college opportunities to help distinguish themselves in today’s increasingly hard job market.  Today’s business owners who can look beyond the “College Pro Painters Scam” and see the true value that can be gained from College Pro should be prepared to put in the commitment, dedication and hard work needed to succeed. Thousands of current and former members of the College Pro family disprove the College Pro Painters scam theories. They have reaped the benefits of joining the program and are forever grateful for the opportunity to run their own businesses. They’ve equipped themselves with the qualities employers look for in job candidates—leadership, management skills and strong work ethic to name a few.