Dec 22

Is the franchise model of College Pro Painters a scam?

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It is shocking to see this question posted online for a number of reasons.  As someone who has spent 16 years working his way up the company ladder at College Pro, it is especially disturbing to me.

In 1996 – as a 1st-year student at St. Thomas in Minnesota – I went searching for a job or internship that could give me real-world experiences, challenge me, and help me make money to pay for school and life costs.  Thanks to a hard working College Pro representative who placed a flyer under my dorm-room door, and after a grueling interview process, I was given the chance to run a College Pro Painters franchise.  During my 4 years in College Pro’s program, I saw varying degrees of success within the franchises around me.  Some of the franchisees were wildly successful.  Some did OK.  And some did not do well at all.  Some of my friends became franchisees and each had a different degree of success.

Dec 4

College Pro Painters Scam—40 Years of Poor Service? Listen to your customers, they will tell you the answer.

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I have been the CEO for College Pro for 5 years.   The great news is that we have made tremendous strides, even through the recession, to make sure we take care of our customers and our franchisees more effectively.  Note that I did not say PERFECTLY.

I had an interesting experience within the first month of working as a CEO in 2006.  I was looking at College Pro reviews online and noticed a few bloggers commenting on a College Pro Painters scam.  As I mentioned, we are not perfect and we strive to improve.  Some of the comments were unfounded. Some of the comments were fair. The bigger question is: regardless of the comments, how do you help the people if they need help and sift through what is fact and what is not?

We had a short-term and a long-term problem. Short term? Deal with whatever concerns head-on, not online but voice to voice, and communicate. Long term? We decided to be proactive and get to the root of the problem.  We changed our customer measurement to a NPS -Net Promoter Score, we focused more heavily than we had on Franchisee experience and profitability, and we kept getting feedback from customers and franchisees to make sure we were on the right track.

Dec 2

College Pro Challenges Scam Allegations

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I guess if you consider hard work, extensive training, and ongoing support a scam then I guess you are right about the College Pro Painters Scam.  College Pro supports you and says “you get out of it what you put in”.  It seems that when I read or hear things about a College Pro Painters Scam it is from someone who did very little for their business, or has not taken on the full responsibility of running their OWN business.  Nothing is handed to you; you have to work for success!

There have been numerous College Pro Reviews on this subject.  Below I have shown a couple.

  • Brian on October 21st

College Pro is not a scam, nor is it a pyramid scheme. It is a franchise opportunity. Like any franchise, there is an investment involved, there is risk involved, and you have to run it like a business. This is not a summer job, it’s much harder… but the benefits are huge. It’s a learning experience for sure. There is lots of money to be made, if done properly. There are hundreds of successful franchisees and College Pro alumni who have gone on to start other highly successful businesses.  If you do the research, College Pro is actually rated A or A+ by the Better Business Bureau in every city with a rating.