Feb 28

The College Pro Challenge

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It can be really tough to get a good summer job.   Most summer jobs on the market, especially those for students, are typically positions that do not really offer much of a challenge or opportunity for growth.  Most college student jobs do not really lead to gaining very much experience, especially experience that you will use later on in life.  Although there are many jobs out there for students, most are jobs with very limited upside.  The benefits are usually limited to being able to make a bit of money through the summer, or potentially getting your foot in the door to the industry you want to be in, or a company you are thinking about working at.  But with those jobs you are almost always not really doing anything all that is significant.  Why not?  Why can’t you do something significant now?

At College Pro we believe in providing young entrepreneurs with opportunities.  There are not a lot of jobs out there like the challenge of College Pro.  Unlike most college student jobs, a summer with College Pro is all about learning, development, growth, challenge; the opportunity to really do something different.  It is the complete opposite of most college student jobs.

Feb 17

College Pro Painters Scam…fact or fiction

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I did my internship with College Pro while attending University of Illinois in Chicago.  I did the internship for 3 years and really learned a lot.  I am surprised by some of the arguments online about how there is a College Pro scam.  I am trying to figure out if this is really a fact or just fiction from others.

I am trying to figure out what a scam means to people?  I thought students wanted real world business experience when looking into the internship with College Pro?  I know that was the reason why I decided to work with them.  They did deliver that, and now I have a great job because of that experience.

I think where COLLEGE PRO SCAM must be coming into play is either in the set up of the company or how the pay works for the Franchise Manager role.  So, I thought I would explore a few facts that I know to be true since doing my internship for three years with College Pro.

Fact 1 – College Pro is a franchise organization that gives students the chance to run their own franchise for a summer to learn real word business skills.

Feb 8

College Pro Painters scam allegations – from the eyes of the consumer

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In today’s online environment, it’s pretty easy to try and hurt a company’s reputation.  When I started as a franchisee for College Pro Painters, even I wondered if this was a College Pro Painters Scam.  I have spent many years here, have been able to create a meaningful career, and help thousands of College Pro Painters mangers start great careers for themselves. What you have to understand is that it’s tough to run a College Pro Painters Scam for 40 years. Let me make some suggestions:

·     College Pro Painters has a 93% customer referral rate.  Does that sounds like a College Pro Painters Scam?

·     College Pro Painters has been providing great opportunities for youth for 40 years. Does that sound like a College Pro Painters Scam?

·     College Pro Painters and College Pro Window Cleaning offer over 800 summer business opportunities.   We are about creating economic growth, not exploiting it.  Does that sound like a College Pro Painters Scam?

·     College Pro Painters has a significant online presence through our Website, Facebook, Twitter and other social sites. Does that sound like a College Pro Painters Scam?

Feb 3

Debating the College Pro Painters Scam Allegations, Real Life Testimonials

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Whenever someone is looking to enter into a new venture, due diligence is essential. Part of this due diligence is research into the ins and outs of the venture. Another part is hearing how others experienced the same venture to help assess how they might function within it themselves. Thousands of students every year apply to be a part of the College Pro Painters program. Many hear of its intensive training program where they can really learn core business skills within a supportive environment. These candidates are always encouraged to discuss the opportunity with past franchise managers. Some question if College Pro is too good to be true – Is there a College Pro Painters scam?

When questioned on College Pro Painters Scam Allegations, College Pro affiliates had a few words to say:

Comments from a College Pro Full-time staff member – “Scam? Our entire roles as business coaches and mentors are to help the franchise managers achieve success. The student training programs are second to none and the students receive both group training and one on one field coaching that is essential for success in someone’s first business. I doubt any “business scam” would invest this much time and money into a leadership development program that would be largely irrelevant in a scam situation”.

Feb 1

Confronting the College Pro Painters Scam

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It is amazing how many people in this world take the easy way out by calling something a scam.  I mean, look at all the results that come up when you google scam…212 million results!  Our society has become lazy and disinterested in defining reality and, instead, looks to dramatize everything and rush to judgment before knowing the facts.

I went to a university on the east coast (UVM), and could not go far without hearing people claim that one particular company that was on campus interviewing students for their summer internship program was actually a scam!  I had friends who had gotten caught up in a pyramid scheme on campus, and other friends who had tried Amway to no success.  I was intrigued that some were calling another company a scam and saying that they were legitimately “trying to swindle students” right under the administrators’ noses!

Obviously I wanted to learn more.  It turns out, the company in question was College Pro Painters, and students were claiming that there was a College Pro Painters scam!