Mar 20

College Pro Painters Scam – My Opinion

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I keep reading about how some people think that there is a College Pro Painters scam.  I know several people that were Franchise Owners with College Pro and thought I should weigh in with my opinion.

Lets first start by understanding what is the definition of a scam:  A dishonest scheme; a fraud.

It seems from what I have been reading that people feel it is a scam because they were not successful at something, not because it was a fraud.  To look at the facts, let’s understand what a Franchise Owner is:  The person who buys a license to replicate a business system.  The Franchise Owner pays fees to the Franchisor in exchange for the training and materials required to start up in business and receive ongoing training and support.  They become their own boss and run their Franchise themselves.

Mar 15

The College Pro Scam Debate

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As a 19 year old sophomore at the University of Washington, when I first heard about College Pro and the opportunity to run my own business, it seemed too good to be true.  I was excited by the possibility of being a College Pro success, but anxious simply for the fact that it didn’t seem “normal” for a college student to be able to take on such an endeavor.  I knew that I wanted to run my own business someday, and I also knew that it would be a challenge.  Would College Pro walk me through that challenge?  What was the College Pro success path?

One of the first, and primary, things that began alleviating my fears was when my future General Manager told me up front that this would be one of the toughest things I’d ever do.  He told me that the leadership experience was real, and took me through many of the different challenges I’d face.  He also had me call some previous students who had been through the College Pro program, and not just College Pro success stories, but students who had struggled.  What stuck out to me was that, across the board, the biggest two themes was that it was a challenge and that it was an incredible learning and growth opportunity.

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Mar 9

Is there a College Pro Painters scam? The consumer perspective…I think not!

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College Pro Painters is very upfront with how the house painting job is estimated as well as how it will proceed.  College Pro Painters has been in the painting business since 1971.

Your experience with College Pro Painters will be unlike any other painting contractor you may have worked with before. We will treat your home with respect, and our student managers will work hard to give you the service and value you expect and deserve. Our goal is to deliver a quality paint job that you will be as proud of as we are.

Most gratifying to us is the number of customers who use College Pro Painters and then recommended us to family and friends; the number of homeowners who then introduce their sons and daughters to the company as franchisees and painters; and the number of College Pro Painters alumni franchisees who have gone on to tremendous business careers, stayed in touch with each other, and credit the company with their greatest learning experience of all.

The difference of College Pro Painters is the people of College Pro Painters. To have your home painted by College Pro Painters – to be a part of College Pro Painters – is to be exposed to a level of commitment, hard work, discipline, energy, and fun that exists in very few companies of any kind.

Mar 7

Is there a College Pro Painters Scam?

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As a student in university, I always was on the lookout for different summer job opportunities. I was responsible for paying my own way through school so finding job was always top priority. Jobs for students have become more challenging to come by in the last few years. Jobs for students usually range for low end internship to barista to bartender/server to warehouse worker. None of these options is very appealing if you are looking for a leadership position.

When I was searching for the ideal summer job in my third year of university, I wanted something where I could make more than minimum wage and where I could really take some ownership in what I was doing. There were a few jobs for students in the selling/commission realm that seemed promising to some extent but when I came across College Pro it seemed almost too good to be true. I thought, “Is there a College Pro Painters Scam?” I started interviewing for the franchise manager position and talked to a few people who were in the role themselves before taking the leap to run my own business for the summer with College Pro.