Apr 23

Fact and Fiction…is there a College Pro Painters scam?

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I ran a College Pro Painters franchise last summer and it was one of the most challenging things I have ever done.

college pro scam fact or fictionWhen you are being interviewed and reading College Pro Painters reviews online and talking to past franchise managers, everyone tells you how hard it is but they cannot prepare you for it – there is no College Pro Painters scam – it is just what running a real business is like!  Even though it was extremely difficult it was one of the most worthwhile things I have done.  You get put in a pressure grinder with a lot of information coming at you at once.  I am not a business student (however the biz students found it just as challenging) but you learn so much through the College Pro training and coaching and just by getting out there.  College Pro Painters is great because without much experience but their training, you get to run your own business and everything that comes with that: hiring and training employees, making all the decisions, managing all the cash and getting the profit!

Apr 19

Is There A College Pro Painters Scam? My Experience

Is there a College Pro Painters scam? My experience has shown me that there is not a College Pro Painters scam. In fact, very far from it!  Through College Pro, I’ve been able to go to school while learning how to run a business. I’ve increased my confidence, developed business skills and made money to help me pay for school. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of the College Pro Painters full time team and my fellow franchise managers. I’ve created long lasting friendships with the people I’ve met through College Pro Painters and have gotten to know a lot of bright young men and women. I also am very thankful for the opportunity to continue with the company straight out of college. College Pro Painters has given me the chance to move to a different city, grow in a leadership role and continue to develop managerial skills that will help me in any future endeavor I choose to take part in.


Apr 16

The challenges of College Pro, is there a scam?

Finding an internship in college can be tough, especially when you are looking for one that is really going to prepare you for the next steps post college. There are a lot of opportunities out there as well as scams. It is important to properly research and determine that the position you are taking is legitimate. This article will focus on the legitimacy of an opportunity at College Pro.

In reading the College Pro reviews you will notice there are some titled “College Pro Painters scam”. This is, of course, an initial red flag when looking at the program, making it even more important to understand what it is all about. The College Pro reviews read this way because the way College Pro is explained can sound “too good to be true.” A place where you can get all of the experience you could ever want and make great money is not a readily available thing to a college student. Many students search long and hard to find something, and, unfortunately, some of the more legitimate opportunities are labeled like a College Pro Painters scam, and may deter students from actually getting involved with something that would have a massive positive impact on their future.

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Apr 12

Choosing a Painting Contractor…Is there a College Pro Painters Scam?

Choosing a painting contractor is an important decision and one that you should take careful consideration to ensure that you are happy with the final product so that you avoid a potential painting scam.  It is important to ask yourself what you want to get out of the project and plan accordingly.  Communication with the person you hire is paramount to having a successful project.

When choosing a painting contractor it is important to identify your personal needs and the needs of the project to allow for strategic communication, leading to the result you desire.  You want to work with a professional who is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and punctual.  The reputation of the business is also highly important.  Check the contractor’s references and make sure that they are extremely positive.   Another resource is to check in with the Better Business Bureau and the Construction Contractor’s Board to make sure that the contractor is currently licensed and bonded.

Some online postings have suggested that, when choosing a painting contractor, you should avoid certain student painting companies because there could be a College Pro Painters scam.  I would disagree.  In business since 1971, College Pro Painters has the experience to handle any job, large or small, and has received thousands of satisfied customer references over the years.  College Pro is fully insured, EPA certified, and licensed where necessary.  Does this sound like a College Pro Painters scam?

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Apr 9

Is there a College Pro Painters Scam? My experience…

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College Pro Painters scam?  Not that I’ve witnessed… I ran a College Pro Painters franchise during the summer following my first year of University – and I was about a green in business as you can get.  I had never experienced marketing, quoting, payroll or managing a schedule for employees.  I had been an employee for local business owners, and that was the extent of my “business prowess”.

I was aware of College Pro Painters when I approached their booth at my campus, but I really didn’t know what they were all about.  As I went through the interview process, I never questioned the College Pro program, but I did have concerns about how a company could teach me, an athlete and science student, how to run a successful business – because that was the only option in my mind, success.  Personally, I didn’t have a strong preference to go digging for College Pro Painters reviews online, but I did have an interest in speaking with others who had run businesses at College Pro, and who could relate to my situation.  So, in efforts to squash any inkling of a College Pro Painters scam, I spoke to a number of individuals who were currently running College Pro franchises, or who had in the past.  I spoke to one of the previous franchise owners in my home town to get the flavor of her experience.  I spoke to another science student at my University to see what the balance was like with the business and our program.  I spoke to a varsity athlete who had run the business to see what it was like through the eyes of a fellow athlete.

Apr 5

Happy Customers Agree, There is no College Pro Painters Scam!

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You don’t have to talk to too many people before hearing about a terrible service experience your friend, family member, or neighbor has recently had.  It is sad, really, but it seems that customer service and integrity are lost when it comes to having people work on your home.  Too many home services providers do not think of the customer first, focusing instead only on the sale and how much money they will make off of that customer.  Some companies do not even return your phone call if the size of the job is too “small”.  Other companies will sell you on all their promises of good service and delivery, and then simply take your money and run, pulling a major scam in the process.

It is extremely refreshing, then, to find one home services provider, College Pro Painters, that has integrity, values, and focuses on building long-term relationships with its customers, treating their home like the prized possession it is.

In 1971, a college student founded College Pro Painters, giving other college students a chance to pay for their schooling and to secure post-graduation careers. That makes College Pro the original student-run painting company. More than four decades later, College Pro treats nearly 17,000 homes annually with interior and exterior house painting services, operating in local communities across 28 U.S. states and 7 Canadian provinces.