Jul 24

The Truth about a College Pro Painters Scam

By: Linda Strong

This is for any college student out there who has heard of College Pro Painters, heard the success stories of College Pro entrepreneurs, about the culture, the friendships made and has wondered if this experience is too good to be true.  You may even have heard of a College Pro Painters scam.  You’ve heard a little gossip, you’ve looked online and saw it mentioned, or someone knows someone who heard something – and perhaps it’s even caused you to hesitate.  Let me tell you that College Pro Painters has been in the business of investing in the future of young people for over 40 years.

The Truth about a College Pro Painters Scam

To be selected as a College Pro franchisee you will go through the interview(s) process and you will likely be both excited and uncertain at different times – it’s not your average student job.  Once past this initial level, understand that just because you are accepted does not in itself automatically make you that successful entrepreneur.  This is just the beginning and where it all starts.  The hours are long, the training will be intense, and it’s your level of dedication in the pursuit of success that will either make you or break you.

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Jul 24

College Pro Painters Scam?

Posted in College Pro Scam?

By: Scott Shaw

College Pro Painters ScamWhile some seek to paint a picture of “College Pro Painters scam”, customers paint the truth as young entrepreneurs pave their way to success.

I do get it.   College students running their own painting businesses to put themselves through college with the help of a large franchised painting business model….someone must be getting rich right?   This must actually be a College Pro Painters scam, not a genuine opportunity.   Or is it?    Truth is, they’re out there.   Businesses, no, let me clarify that…there are people that take advantage of others for their own personal gain.

Here’s some news:  the staff and culture within College Pro Painters wants nothing to do with those people.   The people we do care about, foster lasting relationships with and around are in fact great people who genuinely believe in creating a position and growth opportunity unmatched in the market today.   In our business, as in any service industry, the success of the business starts with our paying consumers who trust in us to care for their most prized possession, their home.   But, also in our business and any service business, the “customer” is also, importantly, our painters, our job site managers and our franchisees.    When you choose College Pro Painters to paint your home, you are getting a great service and adding value to your community.   Not just in the short term, but by investing in the next generation of leaders your community needs.

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Jul 18

The College Pro Roller Coaster

By: Sam Lewis – Senior Franchisee, Columbus OH

The College Pro Roller Coaster - Sam LewisMy parents asked me not to sign on the dotted line. They told me that College Pro Painters is a Scam. It was their protective parenting instincts kicking in. It had to have been, because if I ask them what they think of College Pro now, after growing my business to one of the largest exterior, residential painting companies in Columbus, “Scam” would be the perfect antonym.

The journey wasn’t always fun or easy, though. In fact, it was never easy. Running a business is a lot like riding an emotional roller coaster. From the second I signed that contract, all the way to my first day of marketing, I was heading up that first hill. I was excited, of course, but also nervous.  I had big goals, a lot of motivation, and was more than optimistic! At 10AM someday in March I started knocking on doors, I needed leads. 8 hours later I went home with absolutely nothing. Not a single person told me they were interested in a free estimate. My roller coaster just hit a brick wall. Maybe my parents were right. Maybe College Pro Painters is a Scam, I thought. I tried to find someone to blame so I called my GM, a staffer in College Pro whose job is to coach franchisees on how to run a business, and told him how door-to-door marketing doesn’t work. He walked me through my emotions and brought me back to a logical stand-point to solve the problem. Long story short, Door-to-Door marketing is actually very effective, but more importantly, running a business isn’t easy. I worked through the hard times and cherished the good times. Nothing beats the feeling of booking your first job on the spot!

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