Aug 27

College Pro – A Scam?

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Kristy, College Pro Media & Marketing Intern,  out in the field capturing what it means to be College ProBy: Kristy Nieboer

College Pro Media & Marketing Intern

Pictured: Kristy out in the field, GoPro in tow, capturing what it means to be College Pro…


Six months ago, I had never heard of College Pro, had no idea what kind of company they were, and had no intention of working for them. I first saw the name when I was summer job searching, and the job title of my current position caught my eye. I then researched the company, and among all the company websites, franchise sites, and positive reviews, I saw some negative feedback, and the term “College Pro Scam”.

I was offered the job as a social Media & Marketing Intern for College Pro at the beginning of April, and since then I have learned a ton about the company, as well as the term “College Pro Scam”.  My role has allowed me to spend some days in the office with the management staff, and other days in the field with franchisees, painters, and techs. I also have attended some College Pro social events. Throughout the past 4 months, I have met hundreds of people employed by College Pro.  All but one of these people have run their own painting or window cleaning franchise at some point in time. And most, if not all, of these people will tell you that College Pro is NOT a scam.

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Aug 23

College Pro Painters: Am I getting scammed?

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By: Jeremy Welik


I had my doubts. What am I getting myself into? Am I going to lose a lot of money?  These are questions I asked myself constantly before signing the dotted line.  Before deciding on becoming a College Pro Franchisee, I read a few College College Pro Painters -  Am I getting scammedPro Painters Reviews and “College Pro Painters Scam” would pop up.  I was definitely skeptical. I even went as far as to bring the contract to a lawyer before signing it.  I think the scariest thing about it all is that it’s hard to really know and understand everything that will happen after you sign that dotted line.  Part of you needs to accept and respect the fact that you need to just sometimes go with the flow. An unexpected obstacle SHOULD NOT automatically trigger “College Pro Painters Scam.”

Look, I’m not saying that you’re not going to want to possibly cry in your van sometimes or want to quit and move to a foreign country (just kidding). You have to want it. College Pro Painters guides you but they don’t hold your paint brush for you.  For a company that’s been around for over 41 years, with countless success stories, its hard to imagine that the “College Pro Painters Scam “theory is reality.

Aug 17

Myth: Busted – there really isn’t a College Pro Painters Scam?

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By: Matt Xhignesse

There are a plethora of get rich quick schemes out there, and too many jobs that are less than reputable. You may have heard some people speak of the “College Pro Painters scam,” classifying it as just one of so many others. They say this College Pro Painters scam doesn’t really end up giving you anything in the end, that’s it’s just like all of the others. But perhaps a better question than “Is there a College Pro Painters scam out there?” is “What constitutes a scam, what is the make-or-break difference between legitimate companies and scam organizations?

Myth Busted – there really isn’t a College Pro Painters ScamFor one, you can take a look at the College Pro Painters reviews coming from past painters and franchisees, and you will quickly see that it’s an amazing learning opportunity. There are even College Pro Painters reviews from past customers that show just how fantastic the experience can be for everyone – the client gets a fresh new look for their home, and the workers get the satisfaction of delivering that great sense of aesthetic satisfaction and a job well done. There are few scam companies that will really give this to you in any way, instead leaving you only asking “wait…what just happened?” With College Pro, you don’t ask that question. You know, because YOU made it happen.

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Aug 10

When you hear “College Pro Scam”, What do you think of?

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Mark Conway - College Pro Franchisee Mississauga ONI think of a hoax – my parents were iffy when I looked into this, but as I’ve worked College Pro Window Cleaning for a couple years my parents have supported me. It isn’t a scam, it is an opportunity to learn new skills and experience what the real business world is like.”  –Mark Conway, Mississauga ON


“I researched a lot about College Pro before applying, because I was a little skeptical. All my worries were washed away when I spoke to my future general manager, because he told me what I actually have to do, and that I will Lloyd Yip - College Pro Franchisee Markham ONhave to work hard. Now that I have worked with College Pro Window Cleaning for 2 years, I know it is not a scam – obviously if you don’t work hard you won’t be successful, and obviously the company is using you to make money, because they also are running a business. If you do your job, you will get paid, and you’ll have a good time.”                                                      -Lloyd Yip, Markham ON


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