Nov 26

College Pro Painters Scam

By: Joseph Wise


College Pro Painters ScamBeing your own boss comes with enormous responsibility and self-discipline. Your success is dependent upon your own input and effort that goes into building and maintaining your entity. When you are not fully invested into your business, loose ends will catch and you will begin to see your entity rapidly unravel, like a ball of yarn down the stairs. A tendency of new business owners who are in a rut is to look for outside forces that could have caused the issue, something to blame their problems on. Often times, the problems that arise are financial issues, typically caused by a misunderstanding of the agreements that we, as franchise owners, make with College Pro Painters.


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Nov 7

What do you mean ‘College Pro Scam’?

Posted in College Pro Scam?

By: Connor Aylwin – College Pro Franchisee in Edmonton, Alberta

What do you mean ‘College Pro Scam’

The first thing that needs to be said about College Pro is that it is a very demanding and challenging experience that, ultimately, will change the life of the young entrepreneur running a franchise. Having gone through the program myself, I can’t help but shake my head at people who believe in the College Pro Painters Scam. When I first read some comments regarding the College Pro Scam, it seemed to be more like people who were unhappy with what they got out of their summer. With College Pro, you get out what you put in – after all, it’s a real business.  So if people complain about the company “taking all [their] money”, they probably didn’t genuinely work hard enough – or maybe they weren’t really open to coaching and changing their ways when things weren’t working.  When I first joined College Pro, I was 17 years old, in my first year of University, and didn’t have a flake of business experience.  Fast Forward 8 months and I finished the year with enough profit to pay for my entire undergraduate degree. That was only made possible by working harder than I ever had before, along with sacrificing my social life for a few short months. If you aren’t game for really working as hard as you possibly can in your first year of College Pro, then you won’t necessarily make good money; it is that simple. For many of my generation this may seem like a shock. A program that doesn’t spoon feed you or stop you from falling? I know, they are few and far between, but that is because there is no ENTREPRENEURSHIP program like College Pro Painters. So, if you believe in the College Pro Painters Scam, I would really take a look in the mirror and dissect the source of your misfortune, because, somehow, a 17 year old with no previous business experience seemed to make it work – and I’m going back for more!

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