Jan 24

Fact or Fiction… is there a College Pro Painters Scam?

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By: Jeremy Welik

Skepticism is an interesting thing. People are naturally skeptical when committing to anything, but, when money is involved, that skepticism seems to increase tremendously.

No matter how much research you do or how many people you talk to, you may never get over that skepticism. This is why it is crucial for College Pro Painters Reviews to speak about fact and fiction.


As I browse the web reading numerous College Pro Painters Reviews, I notice some with titles like “College Pro Painters Scam.” It’s interesting for me to read these articles as I was, in fact, a College Pro Painters Franchise owner this past summer. Was I scammed?

It’s currently November, one month after I closed my business and I don’t feel scammed. I question many of these writers if they even know what a scam truly is. Some of the negative College Pro Painters Reviews are written by past franchisees that made no money. As great of an experience College Pro is, we all want to make money at the end of the day so it’s normal for someone who didn’t earn what they intended to feel  frustrated. However, blaming your results on a so-called College Pro Painters Scam is simply ridiculous. The details of the contract are clearly stated and explained during the hiring process. Many of these College Pro Painters Reviews are ruining the experience for future potential franchisees and those who were successful. This College Pro Painters Scam idea is polluting a well-respected brand and is discouraging other students who may be interested in the opportunity.

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