Aug 21

College Pro is a scam: Fact or Fiction?

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By: Patricia Seaton, College Pro Entrepreneur 2004-2009

College Pro is a scam - Fact or FictionI had an interesting encounter with a veterinarian at the vet clinic I worked at last summer. I commuted about 30 minutes each way to work and during my first week there, it came up in conversation how I got to the clinic each day. I told him I drove, to which he responded, “You have your own car? I never had a car as a vet student…” I confirmed that I did indeed own a car at which he sort of snickered and made a sarcastic comment something along the lines of, “Oh well, I bet your parents bought it for you”. My answer to this was simply, “Nope, I did College Pro”.

We began talking about my College Pro experience and I explained to him a little bit about the role. I talked about how great my experience was and that it granted me the financial flexibility to do things like pay my tuition, buy a car, go on vacation during reading weeks, etc., luxuries that many students aren’t able to afford during university. He told me he had always thought College Pro was a scam. This wasn’t the first time I had heard this from someone and I know it won’t be the last. I think people with this attitude fall into one of two categories—either they haven’t done College Pro and believe the opportunity is ‘too good to be true’, or they have done College Pro and they were not the right person for the job.

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