Nov 26

College Pro Painters Scam

By: Joseph Wise


College Pro Painters ScamBeing your own boss comes with enormous responsibility and self-discipline. Your success is dependent upon your own input and effort that goes into building and maintaining your entity. When you are not fully invested into your business, loose ends will catch and you will begin to see your entity rapidly unravel, like a ball of yarn down the stairs. A tendency of new business owners who are in a rut is to look for outside forces that could have caused the issue, something to blame their problems on. Often times, the problems that arise are financial issues, typically caused by a misunderstanding of the agreements that we, as franchise owners, make with College Pro Painters.


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Oct 4

My response to the College Pro Painters Scam Allegations

By: James Dale

James Dale response to the College Pro Painters Scam AllegationsI was very fortunate to find the College Pro opportunity while I was in University.  I was studying geography and business and I had always been very interested in leadership and entrepreneurship.  I had dabbled in organizing some committees and had been a part of groups like SIFE and AIESEC, but I was looking for more.  The College Pro franchise business opportunity gave me that.  Running the business, I had never learned so much so fast about leadership and management as I did my first summer learning how to run a business.  College Pro is a painting business, not super sexy, but the skills you learn in managing conflict, negotiation and hiring are timeless and can be transferred into any walk of life you may choose.  It is not a scam! The biggest test and lesson, though, is that nothing comes easy, especially running a business and College Pro is probably one of the safest, least risky ways to learn this.

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Sep 21

My thoughts on the College Pro Painters scam

By: Max Olson, VP College Pro Painters

As someone who has worked for College Pro since my sophomore year in College, and throughout the last eight years on the full time level, the words College Pro Painters Scam is something I take to heart, particularly since I’ve seen it from a few different perspectives.

First, I can see it from the perspective of a student who is just looking into College Pro for the first time and asking themselves if College Pro Painters Scam students like themselves.  I asked myself the same questions when I first looked into it – my major was in the arts, not business, and, though I wanted to run a small business when I graduated, it seemed too good to be true to learn how to run one while still in school.  I decided to go for it, and the learning, growth, confidence, money, and friends I gained from the experience made the hard work very worth it.

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Sep 13

Satisfied Customers Deny a College Pro Painters Scam

By: Matt Miedema – Senior Franchisee, Grand Rapids MI

Satisfied Customers Deny a College Pro Painters Scam

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Jul 24

The Truth about a College Pro Painters Scam

By: Linda Strong

This is for any college student out there who has heard of College Pro Painters, heard the success stories of College Pro entrepreneurs, about the culture, the friendships made and has wondered if this experience is too good to be true.  You may even have heard of a College Pro Painters scam.  You’ve heard a little gossip, you’ve looked online and saw it mentioned, or someone knows someone who heard something – and perhaps it’s even caused you to hesitate.  Let me tell you that College Pro Painters has been in the business of investing in the future of young people for over 40 years.

The Truth about a College Pro Painters Scam

To be selected as a College Pro franchisee you will go through the interview(s) process and you will likely be both excited and uncertain at different times – it’s not your average student job.  Once past this initial level, understand that just because you are accepted does not in itself automatically make you that successful entrepreneur.  This is just the beginning and where it all starts.  The hours are long, the training will be intense, and it’s your level of dedication in the pursuit of success that will either make you or break you.

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Jul 18

The College Pro Roller Coaster

By: Sam Lewis – Senior Franchisee, Columbus OH

The College Pro Roller Coaster - Sam LewisMy parents asked me not to sign on the dotted line. They told me that College Pro Painters is a Scam. It was their protective parenting instincts kicking in. It had to have been, because if I ask them what they think of College Pro now, after growing my business to one of the largest exterior, residential painting companies in Columbus, “Scam” would be the perfect antonym.

The journey wasn’t always fun or easy, though. In fact, it was never easy. Running a business is a lot like riding an emotional roller coaster. From the second I signed that contract, all the way to my first day of marketing, I was heading up that first hill. I was excited, of course, but also nervous.  I had big goals, a lot of motivation, and was more than optimistic! At 10AM someday in March I started knocking on doors, I needed leads. 8 hours later I went home with absolutely nothing. Not a single person told me they were interested in a free estimate. My roller coaster just hit a brick wall. Maybe my parents were right. Maybe College Pro Painters is a Scam, I thought. I tried to find someone to blame so I called my GM, a staffer in College Pro whose job is to coach franchisees on how to run a business, and told him how door-to-door marketing doesn’t work. He walked me through my emotions and brought me back to a logical stand-point to solve the problem. Long story short, Door-to-Door marketing is actually very effective, but more importantly, running a business isn’t easy. I worked through the hard times and cherished the good times. Nothing beats the feeling of booking your first job on the spot!

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Jun 13

Thousands of happy consumers agree there is no College Pro Painters scam

If you read online, you may find a few articles or blogs that say there is a College Pro Painters scam.  By definition, a scam is “a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit; swindle. “

Since 1971, College Pro Painters has been satisfying thousands of customers across North America each and every year.   Through the ups and downs of a tricky economy, College Pro Painters continues to tick along – supporting students who need a summer job or who want the experience of owning and managing a business in their community.  I am proud to say that I have been a College Pro Painters customer on 2 occasions and have been thrilled with their work.

If there was a College Pro Painters scam, the company could not have survived 40 years in such a tough industry.  By nature, exterior home painting is not the type of business that could swindle someone for a quick profit.   As a customer, you can see the work that is being done on your home and you have the ability to refuse to pay until the contract is fulfilled.

Thousands of happy consumers agree there is no College Pro Painters scam

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Jun 6

Is there a College Pro Painters Scam? Hear from Real Customers!

Google College Pro Painters and you will be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of search results.  Some of the search results will be positive experiences, and you will come across some people who claim there is a College Pro Painters scam.  College Pro Painters has been in business since 1971!  How can a scam exist that long???  Thousands of students and hundreds of thousands of customers have worked with College Pro Painters.  In the home services industry, it is hard to please everyone, and there are bound to be dissatisfied customers; however, College Pro Painters’ website claims that they have a 96% customer satisfaction rate, which is great for the home services industry.

Let’s dig a little deeper into College Pro reviews…There are many College Pro reviews online, on the corporate website, and on various review sites like Angie’s list, BBB, Yelp, etc.  There is no better source for College Pro reviews than actual customers, so I checked in with a few of them.   These are REAL College Pro reviews from customer who recently had their homes painted:

“…very polite, quick and efficient; very happy with the result; very good people to work with” – B. Cook

May 23

Would I do it again? College Pro Painters scam…

By: Max Olson – Vice President, College Pro Painters, US West Coast

Would I do it again. College Pro Painters scamMy first summer running a business with College Pro, my family and friends thought I was crazy!  It’s very hard for people to wrap their heads around how a 19 year old college student could learn the ins and outs of running a painting business.  I was ready to work hard to be a College Pro success, and they were worried that I had walked into what they called a “College Pro Painters Scam.”

Not everyone was immediately convinced.  My mom was the first one to start realizing how seriously I was taking my business and what it meant to me to get this type of experience so early in life.  It helped that my General Manager, who originally interviewed and brought me onboard, had opened up the lines of communication with her and answered any questions or concerns.  She saw me coming back home on the weekends and building my business into a College Pro success.  I would call her when I booked work and the excitement in my voice helped seal the deal.

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May 23

Our Customers Agree – There is no College Pro Painters Scam!

By: Brandon Hyland – Senior  Franchisee, Ann Arbor MI

Our Customers Agree – There is no College Pro Painters ScamMy name is Brandon Hyland and I run the College Pro Painters Franchise in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I was wrapping up one of my last jobs in September of 2011 when my General Manager calls me asking for help. Apparently, the College Pro franchise owner in Toledo, another student entrepreneur, had started a job and walked away from it before finishing it. My GM gave me a call as I was next closest by location. My GM had never seen the job but the franchise owner said that if I brought five painters with me and worked about a 12 hour day, we would be able to wrap it up. I wasn’t looking forward to the hour drive, but College Pro said they would pay me and each of my painters at a wage higher than they earned at their summer job so I couldn’t deny it.


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