Aug 21

College Pro is a scam: Fact or Fiction?

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By: Patricia Seaton, College Pro Entrepreneur 2004-2009

College Pro is a scam - Fact or FictionI had an interesting encounter with a veterinarian at the vet clinic I worked at last summer. I commuted about 30 minutes each way to work and during my first week there, it came up in conversation how I got to the clinic each day. I told him I drove, to which he responded, “You have your own car? I never had a car as a vet student…” I confirmed that I did indeed own a car at which he sort of snickered and made a sarcastic comment something along the lines of, “Oh well, I bet your parents bought it for you”. My answer to this was simply, “Nope, I did College Pro”.

We began talking about my College Pro experience and I explained to him a little bit about the role. I talked about how great my experience was and that it granted me the financial flexibility to do things like pay my tuition, buy a car, go on vacation during reading weeks, etc., luxuries that many students aren’t able to afford during university. He told me he had always thought College Pro was a scam. This wasn’t the first time I had heard this from someone and I know it won’t be the last. I think people with this attitude fall into one of two categories—either they haven’t done College Pro and believe the opportunity is ‘too good to be true’, or they have done College Pro and they were not the right person for the job.

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May 7

The College Pro Stigma

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By: Kristy Nieboer

I’ve been working for College Pro for almost a year now, as the social media and marketing intern. My job started as a summer internship and extended throughout the school year. Before applying to the internship, I had never heard of College Pro. After some quick Google-ing, I discovered that College Pro provides painting and window cleaning services, and hires mostly students. However, what I did not realize in the initial search is the opportunity that College Pro provides for mostly student entrepreneurs, or how much I could learn from them. 11 months later, I have learned that there are a number of stigmas associated with the College Pro brand that may be misleading people.

When I tell someone I work at College Pro, I receive responses similar to, “oh the painting company?”, “I didn’t know you paint?”, or even “oh I heard there’s a College Pro Painters scam”. I am well aware that rumors travel quicker than the truth, and that people tend to believe what they hear, but I found it appalling the number of people who don’t bother to investigate things they hear. I am going to take the time to write what I wish I had the energy to tell every student in North America.

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Feb 1

Is College Pro a Scam?

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When I first started looking into College Pro, the first thing I researched was their reputation with the Better Business Bureau and throughout the community. After reading positive reviews, I decided to pick up the phone and find out for myself what College Pro was all about. While speaking with Matt Ackerman, the General Manager for College Pro Painters in Washington, I felt a genuine interest in my needs and how College Pro could meet them through setting up a business internship with my school.

Is_College_Pro_a_ScamUnlike many other programs, there was no steep entry fee or anything hidden in between the lines. For a young and potentially naïve college student to the business world, the staff of College Pro guided me through the steps of what it takes to become a business owner in all necessary aspects. From finances, short term and long term goals, marketing, sales, customer service and organizational communication, College Pro walked me through all areas of the business and made sure I understood what I was getting into, well before I even signed a contract.


Jan 24

Fact or Fiction… is there a College Pro Painters Scam?

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By: Jeremy Welik

Skepticism is an interesting thing. People are naturally skeptical when committing to anything, but, when money is involved, that skepticism seems to increase tremendously.

No matter how much research you do or how many people you talk to, you may never get over that skepticism. This is why it is crucial for College Pro Painters Reviews to speak about fact and fiction.


As I browse the web reading numerous College Pro Painters Reviews, I notice some with titles like “College Pro Painters Scam.” It’s interesting for me to read these articles as I was, in fact, a College Pro Painters Franchise owner this past summer. Was I scammed?

It’s currently November, one month after I closed my business and I don’t feel scammed. I question many of these writers if they even know what a scam truly is. Some of the negative College Pro Painters Reviews are written by past franchisees that made no money. As great of an experience College Pro is, we all want to make money at the end of the day so it’s normal for someone who didn’t earn what they intended to feel  frustrated. However, blaming your results on a so-called College Pro Painters Scam is simply ridiculous. The details of the contract are clearly stated and explained during the hiring process. Many of these College Pro Painters Reviews are ruining the experience for future potential franchisees and those who were successful. This College Pro Painters Scam idea is polluting a well-respected brand and is discouraging other students who may be interested in the opportunity.

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Nov 7

What do you mean ‘College Pro Scam’?

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By: Connor Aylwin – College Pro Franchisee in Edmonton, Alberta

What do you mean ‘College Pro Scam’

The first thing that needs to be said about College Pro is that it is a very demanding and challenging experience that, ultimately, will change the life of the young entrepreneur running a franchise. Having gone through the program myself, I can’t help but shake my head at people who believe in the College Pro Painters Scam. When I first read some comments regarding the College Pro Scam, it seemed to be more like people who were unhappy with what they got out of their summer. With College Pro, you get out what you put in – after all, it’s a real business.  So if people complain about the company “taking all [their] money”, they probably didn’t genuinely work hard enough – or maybe they weren’t really open to coaching and changing their ways when things weren’t working.  When I first joined College Pro, I was 17 years old, in my first year of University, and didn’t have a flake of business experience.  Fast Forward 8 months and I finished the year with enough profit to pay for my entire undergraduate degree. That was only made possible by working harder than I ever had before, along with sacrificing my social life for a few short months. If you aren’t game for really working as hard as you possibly can in your first year of College Pro, then you won’t necessarily make good money; it is that simple. For many of my generation this may seem like a shock. A program that doesn’t spoon feed you or stop you from falling? I know, they are few and far between, but that is because there is no ENTREPRENEURSHIP program like College Pro Painters. So, if you believe in the College Pro Painters Scam, I would really take a look in the mirror and dissect the source of your misfortune, because, somehow, a 17 year old with no previous business experience seemed to make it work – and I’m going back for more!

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Oct 24

Is There a College Pro Painters Scam?

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By: Tila Macleod, College Pro Entrepreneur Red Deer Alberta


Is There a College Pro Painters ScamI will be entering my third year running a business under College Pro Painters in 2013.  I still remember the day that (Danny Kerr), HR rep at the time, came into my classroom and gave a short speech about the opportunity, asking us to leave our contact info on the sheet provided if we were interested in finding out more information.  Immediately my head filled with thoughts of all the opportunity could bring, and I found it odd that I was the only student in a business class of 35 that had any interest in finding out more.  Naturally, I started doing my own research on the company.


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Oct 9

Is there a College Pro Painters scam? My experience

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By: Max Olson

As a 19 year old student in my second year at University with a few odd jobs under my belt, I started looking for something that fit with my future ambition of starting a photography business.  I had worked in a camera shop, a retail store, and doing fundraising for a non-profit.  I wanted something that gave me a closer look at what a small business owner actually does.  It was during this job search that I found College Pro Painters, and immediately I questioned if this was actually a College Pro Painters scam.

I was hopeful about the possibilities of learning to actually run a small business, and when I sat down with the local General Manager, the details seemed even more intriguing – namely the fact that I’d have a mentor and coach to guide me through the whole process, but I kept trying to figure out if there was any truth to the College Pro Painters scam question I had debated when I first read about it.  My mom also asked me if College Pro Painters scam college students or if they support them.

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Oct 4

Is there a College Pro Scam? My Experience…

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By: Dave Rychley

Is there a College Pro Painters scam?  It is shocking to see this question posted online for a number of reasons.  As someone who has spent 16 years working his way up the company ladder at College Pro, it is especially disturbing to me.

In 1996 – as a 1st year student at St. Thomas in Minnesota – I went searching for a job or internship that could give me real-world experiences, challenge me, and help me make money to pay for school and life costs.  Thanks to a hard working Is there a College Pro Scam.  My Experience - Dave RychleyCollege Pro representative who placed a flyer under my dorm-room door (and after a grueling interview process), I was given the chance to run a College Pro Painters franchise.  During my 4 years in College Pro’s program, I saw varying degrees of success within the franchises around me.  Some of the franchisees were wildly successful.  Some did OK.  And some did not do well at all.  Some of my friends became franchisees and each had a different degree of success.

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Aug 27

College Pro – A Scam?

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Kristy, College Pro Media & Marketing Intern,  out in the field capturing what it means to be College ProBy: Kristy Nieboer

College Pro Media & Marketing Intern

Pictured: Kristy out in the field, GoPro in tow, capturing what it means to be College Pro…


Six months ago, I had never heard of College Pro, had no idea what kind of company they were, and had no intention of working for them. I first saw the name when I was summer job searching, and the job title of my current position caught my eye. I then researched the company, and among all the company websites, franchise sites, and positive reviews, I saw some negative feedback, and the term “College Pro Scam”.

I was offered the job as a social Media & Marketing Intern for College Pro at the beginning of April, and since then I have learned a ton about the company, as well as the term “College Pro Scam”.  My role has allowed me to spend some days in the office with the management staff, and other days in the field with franchisees, painters, and techs. I also have attended some College Pro social events. Throughout the past 4 months, I have met hundreds of people employed by College Pro.  All but one of these people have run their own painting or window cleaning franchise at some point in time. And most, if not all, of these people will tell you that College Pro is NOT a scam.

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Aug 23

College Pro Painters: Am I getting scammed?

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By: Jeremy Welik


I had my doubts. What am I getting myself into? Am I going to lose a lot of money?  These are questions I asked myself constantly before signing the dotted line.  Before deciding on becoming a College Pro Franchisee, I read a few College College Pro Painters -  Am I getting scammedPro Painters Reviews and “College Pro Painters Scam” would pop up.  I was definitely skeptical. I even went as far as to bring the contract to a lawyer before signing it.  I think the scariest thing about it all is that it’s hard to really know and understand everything that will happen after you sign that dotted line.  Part of you needs to accept and respect the fact that you need to just sometimes go with the flow. An unexpected obstacle SHOULD NOT automatically trigger “College Pro Painters Scam.”

Look, I’m not saying that you’re not going to want to possibly cry in your van sometimes or want to quit and move to a foreign country (just kidding). You have to want it. College Pro Painters guides you but they don’t hold your paint brush for you.  For a company that’s been around for over 41 years, with countless success stories, its hard to imagine that the “College Pro Painters Scam “theory is reality.