Oct 31

College Pro Painters Scam OR Great Opportunity?

We can reassure you ‘College Pro Painters Scam’ is not what you may think.

College Pro Painters was established in 1971 and gives college students the chance to be entrepreneurs by running franchises of a painting business. While there is an opportunity to make a lot of money, it requires a lot of hard work. It`s not your typical summer job, with longer then normal hours and more responsibility. However, most franchisees say it was one of the most important learning experiences of their business careers.

College Pro Painters is not your typical summer job. It’s not like a retail position, or a job at a restaurant where you have a schedule, a shift, and you come in, get paid, and go home. As a College Pro franchisee, you’re responsible for running a business. You have employees, you have expenses, you have customers, and your job is to manage all of them. If you work hard and effectively, there’s a lot of money to be made. If you don’t take it seriously, it can be a difficult summer. Many franchisees realize after their first year they could be far more successful in their second summer by making a few changes to their business habits, employees, or selling tactics. When they return for a second summer, the size of their business increases dramatically. You are truly running a business, and have to act like an entrepreneur.

This position is not for everybody and some people aren’t cut out for running a small business. That’s why only 3% of those interested are selected. There is a rigorous interview process, a detailed entrepreneurial assessment and, if needed, a discussion with parents as to the suitability of their son or daughter to lead a franchise. Its the most demanding experience to that point of many peoples lives. Some franchisees don’t run profitable businesses and then complain that the whole operation is a ‘ College Pro Painters scam’. Others don’t make as much as they expected, and complain when they have to balance their budgets at the end of the year. While College Pro is most certainly not a scam (it has an A+ ranking by the Better Business Bureau), balancing the books can be a challenging task. As a franchisee, there are costs that need to be considered, and just like any other business, finances need to be handled carefully. If you don’t work hard, don’t sell enough, or produce low quality jobs, then your business likely won’t be a profitable one.

There are thousands of other examples, where franchisees ran very successful businesses, and went on to great careers in business and entrepreneurship. Former franchisees have started million dollar companies, became CEO’s of big corporations, or have become major players in successful entrepreneurial endeavours. Many of them credit their success to lessons learned in their first small business: College Pro Painters.

Though you may see “College Pro Painters scam” on the web or hear it via word of mouth, it most certainly is not, and we challenge you to get the story and make your own decisions. We at College Pro have prided ourselves on helping young people believe and achieve their entrepreneurial dreams for 40 years. We are not saying that we never make mistakes, we do. We also learn from them, we would not be here if we didn’t. Franchisees join us because they want to follow a proven system. We provide detailed guidelines, rules, recommendations, coaching and suggested techniques to make sure that every franchisee can make the most out of running their own business. So rest assured we are here to help you succeed, there is no such thing as a College Pro Painters scam.

2 Responses to “College Pro Painters Scam OR Great Opportunity?”

  1. Alex C says:

    Two years ago I was in my junior year of college, playing a varsity sport and unemployed at the time. I started to think about what my priorities should be at the time especially with how the world was working around me. I came to conclusion on what I needed and that was real world experience while I was still in school, and the opportunity for growth and opportunity. After searching for the right fit through job fairs and talking with the influential leaders in my life I finally found what I was looking for.

    College Pro Painters was a place where I would be challenged, have ownership, grow as a leader. This place gave me opportunity, real world experience while I was still in school, and room for growth. I have now been here for 3 years and I can tell you that my experience is like no other. I have done the research and have spoken with a large number of people. I have grown not only in every aspect in a business setting, but also in personal skill as well.

    I was able to be truly challenged for the first time in a year or two. I still am challenged, and I still am growing. I was a business owner for two years in Eden Prairie and Minnetonka, MN and now am a general manager building a team to run Minnesota. This is the place for opportunity, growth, and leadership.

  2. Ashleigh says:

    In 2006 I loved working at summer camp, meeting new people, spending summers outside, being in charge and teaching others. I thought I had a great gig working as a lifeguard and camp counselor. I did have a great thing going, but I had no idea that all of those interests could lead me to running my own business, making 10 times money, and gaining so much more experience.
    If I were a College Student in 2010 I would want to know that employers see me as an entitled group that thinks they have earned something without much work and deserves more than their predecessors.

    “I learned more from running a College Pro franchise than I did from my entire degree.”

    When I was in 3rd year at the University of Toronto, I had no idea that an experience of running my own business as a franchisee with College Pro Painters would teach me the real life skills to feel accountable, accomplished, goal oriented and business minded. I learned more from this summer experience than I did from my entire degree. I love the pride and financial incentive that running my own business has meant because I was able to graduate with no debt, a car and a condo. Before College Pro, I was on track to have over $20,000 in debt working at camp each year.
    I have learned to take a risk on myself and my own work ethic because the only sure job in the new world economy that exists is self-employment. If you are in College, needing a full time position for the summer of 2011 and want to prove that you are willing to work for your own success and take a risk on your own work ethic- LOOK INTO COLLEGE PRO- It’s the best leadership and entrepreneurship training ground for young people.


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