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College Pro – A Scam?

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Kristy, College Pro Media & Marketing Intern,  out in the field capturing what it means to be College ProBy: Kristy Nieboer

College Pro Media & Marketing Intern

Pictured: Kristy out in the field, GoPro in tow, capturing what it means to be College Pro…


Six months ago, I had never heard of College Pro, had no idea what kind of company they were, and had no intention of working for them. I first saw the name when I was summer job searching, and the job title of my current position caught my eye. I then researched the company, and among all the company websites, franchise sites, and positive reviews, I saw some negative feedback, and the term “College Pro Scam”.

I was offered the job as a social Media & Marketing Intern for College Pro at the beginning of April, and since then I have learned a ton about the company, as well as the term “College Pro Scam”.  My role has allowed me to spend some days in the office with the management staff, and other days in the field with franchisees, painters, and techs. I also have attended some College Pro social events. Throughout the past 4 months, I have met hundreds of people employed by College Pro.  All but one of these people have run their own painting or window cleaning franchise at some point in time. And most, if not all, of these people will tell you that College Pro is NOT a scam.

From what I’ve learned, running a franchise is not an easy task. It takes dedication, commitment, time, energy, money, and persistence. However, I have also learned that the benefits that come from successfully running a business seriously outweigh the costs. From an outsider’s point of view (as I am relatively new to College Pro), the term “College Pro Scam” comes from those who are unsuccessful at running their own business. Failure with College Pro happens when College Pro – A Scamfranchisees don’t give their business the attention it needs, or don’t use the coaching to their advantage – they may be ambitious and intelligent, but for whatever reason, they are not entirely committed to succeeding. Instead of accepting that they have failed, these franchisees say that College Pro “ripped them off” or “scammed” them.

This realization came to me after interviewing a number of franchisees on the experience they’ve had with College Pro.  Every franchisee I spoke to is currently running a business, and they raved about the skills they have learned, the benefits of their job, and the money they are making. Also, a lot of these successful people have been running their College Pro franchise for multiple years, because they enjoyed the work and the money they made during the past summers. Why would these people be working summer after summer for College Pro if the “College Pro Scam” is true?

It all makes sense to me now. Those who have failed tend to bad talk the company, and those who succeed are still employed by the company. What people fail to realize when they first find “College Pro Scam” stories rather than College Pro success stories on the internet – those who are successful don’t have time to write their thoughts on a website, because they are busy running a profitable business!

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