Aug 23

College Pro Painters: Am I getting scammed?

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By: Jeremy Welik


I had my doubts. What am I getting myself into? Am I going to lose a lot of money?  These are questions I asked myself constantly before signing the dotted line.  Before deciding on becoming a College Pro Franchisee, I read a few College College Pro Painters -  Am I getting scammedPro Painters Reviews and “College Pro Painters Scam” would pop up.  I was definitely skeptical. I even went as far as to bring the contract to a lawyer before signing it.  I think the scariest thing about it all is that it’s hard to really know and understand everything that will happen after you sign that dotted line.  Part of you needs to accept and respect the fact that you need to just sometimes go with the flow. An unexpected obstacle SHOULD NOT automatically trigger “College Pro Painters Scam.”

Look, I’m not saying that you’re not going to want to possibly cry in your van sometimes or want to quit and move to a foreign country (just kidding). You have to want it. College Pro Painters guides you but they don’t hold your paint brush for you.  For a company that’s been around for over 41 years, with countless success stories, its hard to imagine that the “College Pro Painters Scam “theory is reality.

Be smart when looking at College Pro Painters Reviews. If someone is pushing the “College Pro Painters Scam” theory then check into who that individual is. The Internet is the Wild West and you can’t trust every cowboy.  Make sure to ask questions. I think I set a record for how many I asked but it will ultimately set your mind at ease.  The “College Pro Painters Scam” theory is an uncomfortable thing to see and I hope this article can open your mind to one of the greatest experiences of my life.

College Pro gives you the opportunity to take the first steps in running your own business.  I intend to preach the truth from my own personal experiences and add credibility back to College Pro Painters Reviews.



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