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College Pro Painters offers home improvement ideas that can really boost your home’s value

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Keeping up with innovations in home décor are a proven way to increase your home’s value. This doesn’t mean staying on top of the latest trends on a regular basis or adding a second floor. What is important to address are areas that appear out of date or old. Here are four places to look when thinking about home improvement options.

Paint is one of the best ways to add to your property value. What real estate agents call curb appeal is largely influenced by that first impression visitors get when they pull up to your home. Painting the home’s exterior can earn you that curb appeal. Painting your entire home is a daunting task. Consider hiring a professional painting service, such as College Pro Painters. With locations spreading across 28 U.S. states and 7 Canadian provinces, chances are there is a College Pro Painters in your community.

Exterior trim adds a noticeable decorative element to your home. Keeping it looking new gives people a positive impression of your home and neighborhood. This impression has a direct effect on your home’s value.  Exterior trim starts to look dilapidated over time. Many homes wear wood exterior trim, which is prone to swelling and cracking. Painting or replacing exterior trim is a minor renovation, but it requires meticulous attention to detail. For the best results, consider calling in a professional service provider, such as College Pro Painters. They also employ window-cleaning technicians, who can give your windows an additional sparkle.

Stained and outdated flooring ages your home beyond its years. It also detracts from a clean look and feel. Contemporary flooring, whether you decide to go with carpet, wood or tile, will immediately enhance the quality of your indoor environment and the value of your home.

Fixtures date a home. Changing ceiling lamps or a bathroom faucet can shave decades off of your home’s real age and add value at the same time. It’s an affordable option compared to a full bathroom remodel. And new lamps can significantly enhance the mood of a room by altering the lighting. You might even save money on your electric bill if you install energy efficient lighting.

Home improvement doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can add value to your home by replacing items in the same way you update your wardrobe. You will improve your living space, receive the praise of visitors and increase the value of your home.

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