Feb 17

College Pro Painters Scam…fact or fiction

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I did my internship with College Pro while attending University of Illinois in Chicago.  I did the internship for 3 years and really learned a lot.  I am surprised by some of the arguments online about how there is a College Pro scam.  I am trying to figure out if this is really a fact or just fiction from others.

I am trying to figure out what a scam means to people?  I thought students wanted real world business experience when looking into the internship with College Pro?  I know that was the reason why I decided to work with them.  They did deliver that, and now I have a great job because of that experience.

I think where COLLEGE PRO SCAM must be coming into play is either in the set up of the company or how the pay works for the Franchise Manager role.  So, I thought I would explore a few facts that I know to be true since doing my internship for three years with College Pro.

Fact 1 – College Pro is a franchise organization that gives students the chance to run their own franchise for a summer to learn real word business skills.

Fact 2 – College Pro, like every other franchise, takes a percentage of revenue, which, in franchising is called royalty.   In my opinion, College Pro would have to charge this royalty in order to make money and pay for their corporate employees, the training they offer, as well as the offices and other overhead in order for the company to survive.

Fact 3 – College Pro does not charge an initial franchise fee to run the internship.  Instead, the individual must interview and be selected to receive the rights to run the franchise for that summer.

Fact 4 – College Pro helps pay for all payroll, gives you all of the marketing supplies and also coaches you throughout the program.  You also receive financial support from College Pro, investing in your marketing and other items needed, so you do not need to experience out of pocket costs when first becoming a Franchise Manager or Intern.


Fact 5 – College Pro General Managers are paid on Salary and do not receive a percentage of your sales as a form of compensation.

Fact 6 – People write online that there is a College Pro scam, but these people obviously do not understand what a franchise is.

If you are looking for real world business experience, if you would like to be taught true accountability to yourself as it is in the real business world, if you want to develop your professional skills and learn every aspect of overseeing a small business, then check out College Pro and hear them out.  You will see quickly it is a franchise and that, yes, you do have to work hard and ensure you make your profit, just like you have to follow through in a job to ensure you do not get fired.  Real World, Right Now!  College Pro, that’s a fact!

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