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College Pro Painters Scam?

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College Pro Painters scamCollege Pro Painters is not your average summer job. This company gives young entrepreneurs the opportunity to own and operate every aspect of a business for three months during their summer break from college. The program has helped thousands of young business-minded individuals cultivate necessary business and managerial skills. However, this is not a punch-in punch-out, go home opportunity. The job demands long hours and a serious commitment, which is not for everyone. Amidst allegations of a College Pro Painters scam, it is important to review the facts, not the rumors or grumbling from disenchanted franchisees.

College Pro is a well respected company in the US and Canada, in business for over 40 years and an accredited BBB member with thousands of happy customers and franchisees, hardly a College Pro Painters scam. In order to avoid claims of a College Pro Painters scam, this well known company takes painstaking efforts to ensure each and every franchisee that enters the system is well trained and prepared for the job ahead. There is a rigorous screening and training process that occurs before the first brush stroke is made, and only about 3% of the yearly applicants are selected to enter the system. One would think if a College Pro Painters scam was involved here, this rate would be much higher.

The disconnect comes into play when a potential franchisee underestimates the commitment it takes to run a business. Any successful entrepreneur will tell you it takes long hours, creative thinking and a determination to make any endeavor successful, and College Pro has plenty of success stories. While researching the company online you may find claims of a “College Pro Painters” scam, but for every negative story, there are 10 success stories to counter the claim. Thousands of past College Pro franchisees have gone on to become successful business men and women, attributing many of the skills and disciplines they value a direct result of spending time in the College Pro system.

College Pro is not a perfect company, as no company is, but they have certainly listened to constructive criticism in the past and have worked hard to build the franchisee program,  providing detailed guidelines, rules, recommendations, coaching and suggested techniques to make sure that every franchisee can make the most out of running their own business.

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