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Company Good Outshines College Pro Painters Scam Rumors

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Negative feedback and claims of scams are tough for businesses deal with—especially when they’re untrue.  So how has College Pro Painters dealt with the false claims of a College Pro Painters scam? By focusing on all the good that flows out of the 40-year old company, and keeping that momentum going.

What type of good is strong enough to overshadow false College Pro Painters Scam rumors? The kind that spans across a nation and touches the lives of those who least expect it. College Pro, a painting company that offers college students a unique opportunity to own and operate their own painting businesses, nurtures a core purpose of ‘together, realizing potentials.’ To them, this means realizing the potentials of their community, as well. Each year, student managers and full-time staffers participate in charity events, donating painting services that have equated almost $1 million to improve living conditions across North America.

With concerns of a heavier burden than a College Pro Painters scam carries, several College Pro students also have given up a week of partying at spring break hot spots to help others. Participants in the company’s alternative spring break program come together to paint the homes of those who would otherwise not be able to afford it. Together, they have transformed numerous homes with a fresh coat of paint, giving homeowners a new outlook, too.

Additionally, the students and staffers have contributed their time and efforts to the Make It Right Foundation and Kids Help Phone, both organizations that work towards improving the lives and environment of people with in their communities.

Claims of a College Pro Painters scam is also overshadowed by the successes of the young people who emerge from the College Pro program matured, skilled, and confident in their abilities. Thousands of program alumni attribute their career triumphs to the experience they gained with College Pro. James Matthewson is one of many who are grateful for the decision to take their futures into his own hands.

“As a general manager I learned how to be a leader. I also learned that it is equally important to have fun with your life and have fun with your work,” he says. “Work hard, deliver on your goals and have fun doing it.”

A company can power through negative press and fabricated claims by focusing on the exceptional, positive things it does regularly, and College Pro Painters has used this strategy in overcoming College Pro Painters scam rumors.  They continue to stay true to quality service and dedication to the futures of young people, rising far above the untruths.

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  1. Dylan Downie says:

    I heard about College Pro five years ago from a friend I played hockey with. Knew nothing about it and just wanted some more information. Now heading into my sixth year with the company and run an entire province. College Pro has treated me very well and the success I have seen from others year in and year out is what inspires me to keep going myself. College Pro has been one of the greatest experiences of my life.

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