Sep 15

Company Values Contradict College Pro Painters Scam Allegations

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You can’t please everyone. Every business that has ever provided any product or service knows this. They have all been subject to criticism by everyone from customers to competitors to disgruntled employees. Unfortunately, College Pro Painters is no exception. Claims of a “College Pro Painters” scam have been made by very few students who were involved in the College Pro entrepreneurial program at one time. Their complaints stem largely from the fact that the unhappy franchise managers entered the program unprepared or willing to put in the commitment, dedication and hard work needed to succeed in any small business venture.

However, many business-minded students were willing to put in that commitment, dedication and hard work to succeed—and success they found. Thousands of current and former members of the College Pro family disprove the College Pro Painters scam. Thousands have reaped the benefits of joining the program and are forever grateful for the opportunity to own their own painting businesses. They’ve equipped themselves with the qualities employers look for in job candidates—leadership, management skills and strong work ethic to name a few.

In fact, many college Pro entrepreneurs voluntarily put in additional work—work they knew would not be compensated monetarily. Instead of partying with friends at various spring break hot spots, several students choose to spend their spring break days painting homes of those who could not afford it. The fresh coat of paint also gives a fresh new outlook for homeowners whose houses were in very poor condition. Community outreach is hardly grounds for a College Pro Painters Scam.

The painting company that has been operating for over 40 years is built around a vision that contradicts a College Pro Painters scam in every way. With a core purpose of ‘together, realizing potentials,’ College Pro’s mission is to provide exceptional management and leadership training to young entrepreneurs through real-world business experiences, to deliver a service that will be recommended to others, and to embrace challenge, innovate and excel.  Full-time employees, mostly program alumni, guide and support students through every step of their journey.

College Pro has stayed true to the purpose it was originally built upon back in 1971,which was to give students a way to pay for college and secure post-graduation careers. College Pro proves such dedication to students through values like ‘deliver what you promise,’ ‘respect the individual,’ and have pride in what you do’; and with a clear purpose and values like these, there’s no room for a College Pro Painters scam.

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