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Debating the College Pro Painters Scam Allegations, Real Life Testimonials

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Whenever someone is looking to enter into a new venture, due diligence is essential. Part of this due diligence is research into the ins and outs of the venture. Another part is hearing how others experienced the same venture to help assess how they might function within it themselves. Thousands of students every year apply to be a part of the College Pro Painters program. Many hear of its intensive training program where they can really learn core business skills within a supportive environment. These candidates are always encouraged to discuss the opportunity with past franchise managers. Some question if College Pro is too good to be true – Is there a College Pro Painters scam?

When questioned on College Pro Painters Scam Allegations, College Pro affiliates had a few words to say:

Comments from a College Pro Full-time staff member – “Scam? Our entire roles as business coaches and mentors are to help the franchise managers achieve success. The student training programs are second to none and the students receive both group training and one on one field coaching that is essential for success in someone’s first business. I doubt any “business scam” would invest this much time and money into a leadership development program that would be largely irrelevant in a scam situation”.

Comments from a First-Year Franchise Manager – “I learned more in my summer as a franchise manager with College Pro Painters than I did studying for my four year business degree. If there was a College Pro Painters scam, I wouldn’t have been able to use my College Pro business as co-op experience. College Pro helped me graduate with a degree that shows future employers/investors that I have legitimate business skill and that I am a tested successful entrepreneur.”

Comments from a Friend of Franchise Manager – “One of my best friends was a College Pro manager for a few years while we went to school together. I have never seen anyone work so hard – really impressive. I never was jealous of the time she committed, but she paid off her entire student loan bill right after graduation. I am still paying mine off five years later so she did something right!”

A common thread with most franchise managers, regardless of their level of success, is they learn the value of hard work, and understand very quickly the aspects of business that they like/don’t like and what they are naturally good at/struggle with. Hours committed into the business translate into success. If you decide to run a business of any kind, you can be sure it will be a big commitment, a commitment that pays off huge as a summer opportunity when you do it right. Is there a College Pro Painters scam? I think not.

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