Nov 10

Debunking the College Pro Painters Scam Myth

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In business, and in life, you can’t please everyone. Anyone who has ever provided any product or service knows this.  You can be held responsible as the business owner for everything from faulty third party products to the sun not shinning.  Unfortunately, College Pro is not an exception to this.  “College Pro Painters Scam, College Pro Painters is the worst student scam, and I’m caught in a College Pro scam” are all examples of unsatisfied individuals who may have been unprepared or unwilling to put in the commitment, dedication and hard work needed to succeed in this opportunity.

Most business students are looking for valuable college opportunities to help distinguish themselves in today’s increasingly hard job market.  Today’s business owners who can look beyond the “College Pro Painters Scam” and see the true value that can be gained from College Pro should be prepared to put in the commitment, dedication and hard work needed to succeed. Thousands of current and former members of the College Pro family disprove the College Pro Painters scam theories. They have reaped the benefits of joining the program and are forever grateful for the opportunity to run their own businesses. They’ve equipped themselves with the qualities employers look for in job candidates—leadership, management skills and strong work ethic to name a few.

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