Oct 29

Debunking the College Pro Painters Scam Myth

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When I first heard about it from my roommate in residence, I thought it sounded like there was a College Pro Painters scam.  He told me that he was interviewing with them, and that he was applying for the franchise manager role.  Even though he was studying business in school, I was pretty sure he had nowhere near enough experience to run a business.  I didn’t really understand how he could be considered for such a role; I thought that surely there was a College Pro Painters scam.  He started telling me about the position, and the more I heard about it, the more I wanted to learn.  I attended an info session and proceeded to apply for the role.

As I learned more through the interview process, I started to understand that there is no College Pro Painters scam; you get out of it exactly what you put into it.  I was used to this idea since I had grown up playing sports, and, in my experience, the harder you worked and the more you practiced, the more you were successful in that sport.  I realized that if I was willing to put in the time and the work, I would be able to achieve success with College Pro, and achieve more than I probably could elsewhere as a student.

Both my friend and I were selected that summer as franchisees in two different cities.  I definitely learned a lot that first summer.  I learned how to lead others, acquire customers, manage finances, properly service customers, deal with conflict, manage my time, and problem solve.  I really learned the importance and value of working hard.  I learned how to be confident, strong, and achieve success.  My friend and I both exceeded what College Pro Painters deems a level of success, and both exceeded our personal goals for the summer.  After our successful summer, we had a few other friends that were selected as franchisees for the next summer.  These friends initially looked into it at the same time as I had, but they couldn’t get over the feeling that there was a College Pro Painters scam.  When they saw our success with their own eyes, they understood that if you are open and are willing to work hard, the payoff is beyond worthwhile, and there is no College Pro Painters scam.

In the following year, while there were definitely varying levels of success amongst my friends and I, we all were able to achieve a level of success.  There is no College Pro Painters scam – you need to work hard, listen to your coach, and not give up.  When you do, you will learn things that will stay with you for the rest of your life.


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