Apr 5

Happy Customers Agree, There is no College Pro Painters Scam!

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You don’t have to talk to too many people before hearing about a terrible service experience your friend, family member, or neighbor has recently had.  It is sad, really, but it seems that customer service and integrity are lost when it comes to having people work on your home.  Too many home services providers do not think of the customer first, focusing instead only on the sale and how much money they will make off of that customer.  Some companies do not even return your phone call if the size of the job is too “small”.  Other companies will sell you on all their promises of good service and delivery, and then simply take your money and run, pulling a major scam in the process.

It is extremely refreshing, then, to find one home services provider, College Pro Painters, that has integrity, values, and focuses on building long-term relationships with its customers, treating their home like the prized possession it is.

In 1971, a college student founded College Pro Painters, giving other college students a chance to pay for their schooling and to secure post-graduation careers. That makes College Pro the original student-run painting company. More than four decades later, College Pro treats nearly 17,000 homes annually with interior and exterior house painting services, operating in local communities across 28 U.S. states and 7 Canadian provinces.

When doing a quick google search for College Pro, I came across some unhappy customers claiming that there was a College Pro Painters scam.  How could College Pro’s 17,000 customers annually be wrong?  It seems pretty clear that there is no College Pro Painters scam.

Here is one College Pro success story from a satisfied customer refuting these claims that there is a College Pro Painters scam:  “My dealings with College Pro have always been professional and ordered. College Pro makes it very clear and detailed what they are doing, leaving nothing to question. The managers and painters are simply nice people, people who I feel comfortable with working around my house. It can be expected that problems will sometimes arise with work that is being done on your house, especially with a house such as mine that has antiquated building methods. How these problems are dealt with, however, is what is important to me. With College Pro any problems have been quickly addressed and the manager informs me of what they are doing to solve the problem in an educated manner. My luck with other contractors is somewhat less impressive, often times putting me off and trying to ignore the problem altogether.  For these reasons, I would recommend College Pro Painters to any homeowner who wants their house treated with respect.”

If you are looking to work with a company that will treat your home with the respect it deserves, College Pro Painters is the answer.  Their 17,000 customers annually agree that there is no College Pro Painters scam, and, instead, there are thousands of College Pro success stories from satisfied customers.





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