Aug 16

Happy Parents Dispute a College Pro Painters Scam

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college pro painters scamUpon hearing allegations of a College Pro Painters scam, the parents of Matthew Ackerman certainly disagree. Mike and Carol Ackerman have personal experience with the College Pro system and will assure you there is no College Pro Painters scam.


They recall the day their son came home from college and told them he was interested in a summer program that would allow him to own and operate his own seasonal painting franchise. Of course they were initially concerned and questioned if their son was getting involved in a College Pro Painters scam, but they explained that Matthew was a smart, responsible hard-working young adult who had started his first job at age 13, and they trusted him to make good decisions. Mike Ackerman explains, “We decided this really needed to be his decision and who were we to squash his enthusiasm and ambitions, so we gave him our full support.”

Looking back on their decision to support Matthew with College Pro there is certainly no regret. They realize now that Matthew learned discipline and skills from College Pro that his education in Business Management could not provide; such as real-life training and experience. They recall that it was not an easy summer job, and that their son had to devote many hours to building his business while his peers worked easy “punch-in, punch-out” jobs, but the benefits far outweigh the challenges.

“College can give our kids theory and conception about business, but anyone who has had success in life, knows it takes much more than that. There are a lot of college graduates unemployed and disillusioned these days.  The people who get hired are people who have experience actually doing something,” reminisces Mrs. Ackerman. There is certainly no College Pro Painters scam here.

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2 Responses to “Happy Parents Dispute a College Pro Painters Scam”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Great article, thanks for the information!

  2. Mike Savegnago says:

    This hits home with me, my parents shared similar concerns before I decided to run a College Pro franchise in 2007. My mom told me not to take on the challenge explaining “this sounds like a scam, you should not do this, get a regular job”. My mom didn’t understand entrepreneurship, that to gain rewards you may have to take risks in terms of time/money/short term gains etc. Pay was not guarenteed which is a big pill for parents to swallow, but I believed in myself and my abilities so I decided to invest in my development as a leader and small business owner.

    My dad didn’t even understand what a franchise owner was, he told me “so you’re going to be a painter? That sounds OK I mean people always need painters, are you in a union?” No dad I’m running the show!!!

    Now 5 years later I ran a sucessful franchise for 3 years, and have been a GM in Illinois for 2 years and my parents will tell everyone it was the best decision I could have made!

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