Oct 15

Is there a College Pro Painters Scam?

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I have heard the question raised here or there wondering if there is a College Pro Painters scam. The answer to this question is no. College Pro is a legitimate and highly successful Franchise system that has operated for over 40 years throughout the United States and Canada. College Pro is a rather unique Franchise system in which the Franchise Owners are College and University students. Each year, College Pro offers approximately 700 college students, through an extensive interview process, the opportunity to get hands on business experience and development by running a painting franchise. In addition, College Pro provides thousands of other College students summer employment through Painter and Job Site Manager positions. After reading College Pro reviews from actual past and present College Pro Franchise Managers, you’ll realize that this program is actually revered as a phenomenal development opportunity that supplements their classroom learning with real hands on experience.


Any facts based research into the history of College Pro or College Pro reviews written by credible sources would dispel any idea toward the notion that College Pro Painters is a scam. So how does College Pro do it? I think the real question people should be asking is how is College Pro Painters able to provide such an opportunity to inexperienced students?  Well, at the heart of this fully operational and innovative franchise you will find one of the best and most comprehensive business development programs available to young entrepreneurs today. College Pro starts by training every Franchisee the Fundamental skills needed to start the business, and continues supporting each franchisee according to their business needs and personal graduated learning curve. This is done through multiple class room style training sessions placed throughout the program, and these are followed up on by in the field demonstration, coaching, and feedback during every stage of the business. The College Pro training and coaching program is so effective that a large number of Franchisees continue with the program for multiple years to enhance their personal development. Nothing can beat the many other rewards provided by the opportunity to be your own boss!


Having said all of this, I think it is important to note that running a business is not for everyone. Therefore, College Pro is not for everyone. As the company states “College Pro is Real Life Right Now”. Someone who is seriously pursuing this program should be an individual who is looking to challenge themselves in a real way through concrete development. Business requires a highly motivated, hardworking individual with a preference toward leadership. Do not fool or “scam” yourself; either this describes you or it doesn’t. If it does, College Pro may be just the opportunity you are looking for. I can say with 100% confidence that there is no College Pro Painters scam.  To find College Pro reviews, testimonials, or further general information visit the College Pro website at collegepro.com.


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