Nov 25

Is there a College Pro Painters scam?

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College Pro Painters has been in business since 1971, operating in local communities across 28 US states and 7 Canadian provinces.  When looking for a summer job or to have your home refreshed with painting or window cleaning, your online research can be overwhelming as positive and negative reviews will populate your search results.  From peer to peer, when you ask anyone about College Pro Painters, you may also get some mixed reviews.  Some claim that there is a College Pro Painters scam, while others, who have actually been a part of College Pro as a student or homeowner, talk at length about their College Pro success.

Reviews are tricky, especially on the World Wide Web.  It is becoming increasingly important to take what you read or hear with a grain of salt.  The internet has become a place for people to “gripe” and there are lots of “gripe” sites out there.  Consumer behavior shows that people who have a poor experience will tell a lot more people than if they had a positive experience, and the internet makes it very easy to share a poor experience.  The internet also allows people to post comments anonymously, so companies cannot even address the comments directly.

In the case of College Pro Painters, out of the 700 student franchisees each year who participate in the program, there are bound to be a few who were not satisfied with the experience.  The manager and intern roles are tough and not everyone is successful at it. While the majority of managers are successful, you will achieve success only if you put in the hard work that is necessary in running any small business.  A majority of anonymous online comments come from individuals who found that the workload was too challenging and not what they expected.  College Pro Painters is completely honest up front about the work load and what is expected of you, and they support you every step of the way with training, one-on-one coaching and mentorship to help you to achieve success.  You only need to go to to see alumni reviews to know that there is no College Pro Painters scam here.

College Pro treats over 25,000 homes annually with painting or window cleaning services.  They also state that they have a 96% customer satisfaction rating.  In a service industry, 96% customer satisfaction is great.  As in any industry, customer service errors are bound to happen, and, where possible, College Pro actively seeks out any customer who is unhappy with the end result of their work, and seeks to resolve the situation.  Does this sound like a College Pro Painters scam?

Based on the information here, I would say that there is definitely no College Pro Painters scam.

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