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Is there a College Pro Painters scam?

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It is shocking to see this question posted online for a number of reasons.  As someone who has spent 16 years working his way up the company ladder at College Pro, it is especially disturbing to me.

In 1996 – as a 1st-year student at St. Thomas in Minnesota – I went searching for a job or internship that could give me real-world experiences, challenge me, and help me make money to pay for school and life costs.  Thanks to a hard working College Pro representative who placed a flyer under my dorm-room door (and after a grueling interview process), I was given the chance to run a College Pro painting franchise.  During my 4 years in College Pro’s program, I saw varying degrees of success within the franchises around me.  Some of the franchisees were wildly successful.  Some did OK.  And some did not do well at all.  Some of my friends became franchisees and each had a different degree of success.

For the College Pro Painters franchise program to be a “scam”, by definition, it would need to be a fraudulent scheme designed to make a quick profit or swindle someone.  Nobody in the College Pro system – Franchisees, full-time staff, and the company overall – makes a “quick profit” or is swindling anyone.  College Pro franchisees are trained and coached to run a small business successfully.  Those who take and implement the training and coaching tend to run more successful franchises.  They also tend to make more money than those who do not work as hard or implement the College Pro Painters system as well.  The company is only successful financially when its franchisees do well; the company cares deeply about its franchisees and demonstrates this care by training and coaching them diligently and carefully.  The full-time staff – while paid a salary – has incentives based on franchisee success and customer satisfaction and ultimately is responsible for ensuring franchisees have a successful and rewarding experience.

College Pro Painters is in its 41st year.  The company has stood the test of time and survived and thrived through the ups and downs of the US and Canadian economies.  Thousands of students have successfully completed franchises with College Pro and gone on to a variety of careers or started businesses themselves.  You don’t have to go far to find a College Pro Painter alumni that is thriving because of what they learned and gained from their time at College Pro Painters.

The success of College Pro and its franchisees should be more than enough to squash any beliefs that there is a College Pro Painters scam.

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