Aug 18

Is There a College Pro Painters scam?

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College Pro Painters scamThere have been accusations from former Franchise Managers of a College Pro Painters scam. Is there any validity to these claims? In order to assess the allegations of a College Pro Painters scam one must first understand the College Pro system and review the facts surrounding students claiming to have been part of a College Pro Painters scam.

College Pro is a well established and respected student-run organization operating in the United States and Canada. College Pro has been in business for over 40 years and has helped thousands of young college student entrepreneurs on the road to success. So why is it that a long-standing business with a strong Better Business Bureau rating and plenty of great review from both customers and franchisees is battling the stigma of a College Pro Painters scam? The source of this issue is from disenchanted Franchise Managers who have not succeeded within the proven business model.

Out of the 25,000 applications College Pro receives annually, only about 700 students are chosen to participate in the program.  Out of those 700, most walk away with skills and experience that will become invaluable when looking for a job out of college or starting their own business. But for the few who do not meet the expectations they had for the program, they may allege a College Pro Painters scam. Despite the hours of training, support and marketing offered to new franchisees, and realistic expectations set by the company, some students perceive this program as a “quick buck,” which any small business owner will tell you is absolutely false.

Owning and operating a small business is demanding. You are ultimately responsible for every aspect of your business from customer service to planning and marketing. This may mean working long hours; longer than your painters and longer than your friends who have easy summer jobs. The benefits to joining College Pro are many; there are hundreds of successful students who will tell you the same. Before committing to any summer program, thoroughly research the requirements and evaluate yourself to determine whether the College Pro system is right for you.

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