Jan 27

My Experience with the College Pro Painters Scam

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So what is a Scam? [Scam \’skam\ A fraudulent or deceptive act or operation]… that’s what Webster’s has to say about it, and that is certainly not my experience with College Pro.  In my opinion, the word scam has been popularized by individuals looking for some retribution after having had a bad experience; whatever the nature or root issue of that experience is.

I have seen College Pro from a number of angles over the years, and I understand why some would claim there is a College Pro Painters scam; however, I don’t subscribe to it.  Scam and failure are not synonymous, and the College Pro experience is one of entrepreneurship, hard work and problem solving to achieve success – it is not a guarantee.

The College Pro world is a ‘choose your own adventure’ type of deal.  There are plenty of safe-holds in place (systems, training, coaching, feedback, previous customers…) to help you through, but it depends on your determination to hit your goals.  Nobody in business would ever tell you there is a guarantee of success; they might tell you that if you do your homework, make tough/smart decisions and work hard that you’ve got a really good shot at it.  If there were a College Pro Painters Scam, I don’t believe the program would be operational in its 41st year, and continuing to grow.  There are too many stakeholders intimately involved: students, parents, educators, home owners, suppliers, for a College Pro Painters Scam to be viable and long standing.

Personally, I have experienced both success and failure during my time at College Pro, in a number of different forms.  What some might qualify as a College Pro Painters Scam I would call the accountability for results, which is tough, because you have to take the good and the bad.  If you miss the goal, or fail, there is hopefully some deep learning that comes out of the experience, but it doesn’t spell out a scam.

I believe in the College Pro brand and I’ve seen my community embrace it as well:  my brother got involved after me, my parents support the local franchise owners annually, family friends continue to call College Pro years after I painted for them, my former teachers have asked how their children can get involved, and I have written numerous graduate school reference letters detailing the experiences of many students I have coached along the way.

To me, College Pro is something very real, very challenging and completely pivotal in the lives of those who take it on.  There is no College Pro Painters scam here.


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