Oct 20

Not a College Pro Scam, but a Real World Challenge

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Is there a College Pro Painters Scam?  This question is normal and I would imagine comes up a lot.  Why does this question get asked?  If you look at opportunities available for students, there are few that offer any true challenge or provide students with any real world challenges or experiences.  It may seem crazy that a student is capable of handling the responsibility of running their own business, but let me ask you this- how will any students be prepared to be a successful entrepreneur or be prepared for real life without real responsibility?  I would not say that there is a College Pro Painters Scam; I would call it an opportunity for a REAL world success story, a College Pro Painters Success.

A student manager with College Pro Painters runs a real business.  They deal with the very issues that business people, entrepreneurs, and adults face in the real world.  College Pro believes that the world needs entrepreneurs.  Especially in a tumultuous economy, where risk aversion is at a high point, the world needs leaders and entrepreneurs.  College Pro survives on the belief in the young talent in North America, and knows that a College Pro Painters success story, which most of them are, gives a young person the belief and confidence to become an engine in the economy.  Is there a College Pro Painters Scam to believe in the abilities of young people to handle responsibility?  College Pro is a story that has created thousands of success stories for 41 years.

At a recent Manager’s Night in Minnesota a College Pro alumni, who has just closed his 2nd round of venture capital fundraising for his tech based start up, spoke to the benefits of a real world challenge on his life.  He said that College Pro taught him to take initiative, take responsibility, and have confidence in his ability.  This is mostly the story of our franchisees.  Is it the experience of all franchisees?  No. Running a business is hard work and is not for everyone; however, this opportunity to fail is the most important aspect of College Pro, and this is what makes it real.  There is no College Pro Painters Scam, but there is a Real World Challenge.  Are you ready for the real world?

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