Jul 19

Solid Foundation Ensures College Pro Painters Scam Claim is False

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There are lots of college painting companies out there; many of them are successful and provide a valuable service for local businesses and residences, but some have been accused of being fraudulent. The best way to avoid entanglement with a Painting scam is to ensure there is a solid plan and foundation before involving yourself with any company.

College Pro Painters takes great pain in providing plenty of training and resources to their young entrepreneurs within their system to avoid any rumors of a College Pro Painters scam. This reputable company offers more than just a summer job; they provide college students with the business and managerial skills they need to be successful in future endeavors.

There are two ways to get involved with College Pro, and hundreds of successful franchisees and painters who will deny any College Pro Painters scam. One opportunity available is in Franchise Management. This year-long development program teaches the ins and outs of running a small business to college students looking for a great resume builder and a way to earn extra cash. Many disgruntled Franchise Managers who claim they were involved in a “College Pro Painters scam” went into the program not realizing the commitment and dedication needed to succeed in any small business venture. Before even being considered for the program applicants must take an online test and go through several interviews. Once a student is accepted into the program, there is a rigorous training period that equips managers with the skills needed to run a successful business. Classes and tutorials in interviewing, estimating, balancing budgets and working with customers are just some of the topics covered in these classes. College Pro takes all necessary precautions to avoid any College Pro Painters scam, and is invested in the success of all their Franchise Managers.

If the franchise management program seems daunting and you are not sure you are ready for that level of commitment, the second employment option in the College Pro system is as a seasonal painter. This position gives you the opportunity to bond with a new group of people while learning a new skill set, plus working outside in the summer is always a bonus. As you work as a painter with College Pro you will see the inner workings of the franchise management and can use that time to evaluate if franchise management is a good move for you. Student painters are great candidates for the franchise program, as they have seen the commitment and work required to be successful.

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