Jul 20

Student Success Falsifies College Pro Painters Scam Claims

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college pro painters scamThere are always 2 sides to every story. While researching possible opportunities with College Pro, you may come across some former student franchisees that will claim that there is College Pro Painters scam. However, there are thousands of Franchise Managers who have had a great experience with the company and have gone on to become successful business men and women in their respective fields, and attribute much of their success to the solid foundation that College Pro gave them, certainly not a College Pro Painters scam.

There is one man in particular we recently caught up with, Jason Campana, current College Pro Vice President of Minneapolis. His story certainly counters any claims of a College Pro Painters scam!

Jason started out with the company in 2002 as a job site manager in Chasen, MN. Before his involvement with College Pro he had a number of part time jobs including factory work, dishwashing, newspaper delivery and hockey referee. One of the most important take-aways Jason has experienced working with College Pro is his confidence; “You are often more capable than you think. Taking on challenges will allow you to see what you can really do.” This philosophy and personal ambition has taken him far in the College Pro system and his new passion is passing that same opportunity and challenge along to potential Franchise Managers and Job Site Managers.

A typical day for Jason involves coaching and developing his leadership team as well as taking time to plan and strategize for the business. One of his biggest inspirations is hearing other people’s stories. Jason has had spectacular success with College Pro, and can personally testify to the falsity of College Pro Painters scam rumors. He has seen hundreds of college students go successfully through the system and go on to do great things in business and in life. He advises anyone considering the College Pro program to fully research and understand the job before making any commitments. He warns that this is no part-time summer job, and like any business venture, takes time, dedication and hard work to be successful.

Jason has a bright future with College Pro and you can too! He, along with many other College Pro managers and painters praise the company for creating a program that challenges and excites them on a daily basis. If you have the personal drive, ambition, passion and energy to become part of the College Pro team, you can apply online today!

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