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Students Show Support in Wake of College Pro Painters Scam

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A College Pro Painters Scam? Satisfied customers and students respond with a resounding “No!” College Pro Painters, which has been leading college students to their career potentials through franchise opportunities for over forty years, has recently become victim to online criticism. Unhappy former students make unfounded claims that reference hard work, training, and profitability. Who better to refute such claims than those who have been a part of the program themselves?

College Pro prides itself upon customer satisfaction, which is why accusations of a College Pro Painters scam can be admittedly frustrating. The company goes to great lengths to hire only the most dedicated, serious students who truly want to serve their communities and grow personally. In fact, only 700 franchise managers are chosen of the 25,000 who apply.  One of them is Cory Powell. Now a sales engineer, he was once a franchise manager.

“I developed a more refined sense of leadership as a result of being a Franchise Manager,” he said. “The experience with College Pro, much to the contrary of what my fellow engineers had initially thought, enhanced my engineering degree. It allowed me to present myself to corporate recruiters as a person with a well-rounded background.”

College Pro Painters scam claims have also highlighted lack of profitability for students involved, which former students also object.

“The final and perhaps the most enticing reason to spend a summer as a Franchise Manager is the MONEY!” says Cory. “I literally made so much money for a student my age that I lost a sense of its value. I often had to remind myself what constituted reasonable spending.”

Students are required to attend rigorous training sessions throughout the winter and spring. These training sessions focus in depth everything from the painting industry to business plans and goal setting to interviewing and hiring a team. Not only do the sessions prep franchisees, but they also ensure quality service will be provided, avoiding any College Pro Painters scam.

A company with such strong ties to its community and dedication to its customers and students will not waver in the wake of negativity. Those who know College Pro best know that claims of a College Pro Painters scam remain just that—claims. They’ll continue to help students thrive while providing quality painting services to community members with honesty and integrity.

18 Responses to “Students Show Support in Wake of College Pro Painters Scam”

  1. Garrett says:

    College Pro was a very positive experience for me as well. I was able to not only pay for my post secondary education, all 7 years of it, I gained some practical skills which I have been able to transfer to other areas of my life.

  2. Dave LeVeque says:

    Its great to see the support! After the time I spent with College Pro I could not agree more. This company has given me an amazing amount of support and allowed me to develop at my own pace. Scam is the furthest thing from what I would link College Pro to. Top notch business training is what I would equate it with!

  3. Jeff says:

    In every business there are always people that are not successful. In my time with College Pro, I’ve definitely seen some people not be successful and that always comes down to the person not putting in the time and not listening to their coach. These are the same type of people that never want to take accountability for their own actions and go around calling things a scam rather than looking in the mirror. College Pro is for hard working students that are willing to put in the time and effort to be successful. For me, it changed my life and I got out of it what I put into it, which was enough money to cover my education and a huge amount of hands-on, real-life experience that I couldn’t have received anywhere else. I owe a lot to College Pro for the opportunity.

  4. Will says:

    College Pro provided me with a world class experience during my University education. It allowed me to pay my way through school, buy a car, travel and many other things I never would have been able to do with paying my own way. It is hard work – and that’s often I think where people start to think it’s a scam. It’s not fast money and people will fail but that’s what makes it real. It’s real business experience and real businesses struggle sometimes but the amazing thing about College Pro is how many people with no previous business experience succeed!

  5. Sam says:

    I ran a business with College Pro for multiple years during college. I learned so much about myself, and I developed an incredible amount as a leader. My experience helped me obtain a great full-time job after I graduated, and I was able to pay off all of my student loans due to my success. College Pro isn’t the right fit for everybody, but for those whose interests align with the company’s program, it is an experience and learning opportunity like no other.

  6. Adam says:

    College Pro was a very positive experience for me as well. Work hard, play hard.

  7. Leighton says:

    I ran a business with College Pro for 3 years. Looking back it’s hard to imagine where my life would be had I not sat down with College Pro. I remember thinking it was to good to be true, I did my research and several interviews later I was given the opportunity to run a business.

    No one does professional development, executive mentorship and entrepreneurial training like College Pro. Changed the course of my life.

    There were countless crushing defeat days, as in any business. Tough clients, flaky staff, and poor decisions on my part but so many good memories like:

    – I remember the day, June 27th of my first year when I cut a cheque to pay off my student loans from my first two years of University (living and tuition, about 17K)

    -I remember being a groomsman in one of my best worker’s weddings, the job I created for him funded is full education and paid for his wedding (they have two kids and live in Winnipeg – that feels good)

    -I remember the day a customer was so happy with my staff he gave us all keys to his house in Maui! (My client then went on to grant my brother an interview that landed him the job as the head of a medical research lab grooming him for a PHD)

    -I remember countless memories building my company with my brother, who I brought on staff, celebrating our victories and laughing off our dumb management mistakes. (I can’t tell you how good it felt to provide my brother with a job that allowed him to travel the world, pay for university and live comfortably, he went on to run a College Pro business himself and was an enormous success)

    -I remember the day I received a standing ovation at a College Pro Awards night in the Bahamas from a room full of the North America’s top entrepreneurs. (College Pro flew us all there for for free, no bad)

    -I remember being able to buy properties, make my first significant investments and set up my own charity and make contributions towards various charitable organizations I believe in.

    Not bad for a young Canadian kid to accomplish by age 22 – thanks College Pro

    Here is what I have learned:

    Why do some people get Ds in University? – Do we blame the University?

    Stats Canada told me 9/10 new businesses in Canada fail in their first 3 years, do we get mad at the “business gods”? (9/10 students in College Pro succeed)

    Jack Welch said it best, “success belongs to those that know how to Dream and Sweat” those that are not just dreamers but know how to put in the hard work. The only people I’ve seen do poorly in College Pro are the ones that slept in on their staff, avoided customer requests and didn’t invest some real sweat equity in their business.

    Business is tough work, College Pro gave me a genuine opportunity to start my own business, and I invested a tonne of sweat equity – and paid off, Big Time.

    Your next.


  8. Casey says:

    College Pro was an awesome experience for me. I know several others that did not make much money when I was a Franchisee, but its a franchise and they understood that. They did get a ton of experience and built their resume and both of the two I am thinking of still keep in touch and have a great job that they credit to College Pro’s experience gained. There are going to be people that do not do well, just like anything, didn’t I hear that the average State school only has 47% of their students graduating? If Failure did not exist then Succeeding would not either. Anyhow, if you internalize the learning and own it, like you have to when running you own business, I think you find the benefit and pride you have in finishing and knowing you have learned from that mistake is very powerful and worth way more then a lot of hours in the summer in terms of setting up your career or business owning future.

  9. Chris says:

    As with any challenge, the College Pro opportunity is not for everyone. However – for the right person it is a life-changing expeirence that can really accelerate your career.

  10. Paul says:

    The two summers I worked as a College Pro franchisee were the best two summers of my life. I chose to work hard, didn’t make any excuses, and it paid off. I got a better experience than all of my friends, made more money and had the most flexible schedule as well. I also worked harder than them too.

  11. Dave says:

    How can College Pro be a scam when 9 of 10 students who run College Pro franchises make money and recommend the experience? I spent 4 summers as a franchisee (and my younger brother and 2 of my best friends ran franchises too) and can say from personal experience that it is an extremely hard job that is extremely rewarding. In fact -in addition to potential financial gain, the real reward from the position (business skills, real-world experience in sales, management, financials, marketing, organization, customer service) will stick with you and help you for decades beyond your time at College Pro.

  12. Steve L. says:

    Despite having very little prior work experience and absolutely no background in business, being a franchise manager for 3 years during college was the most transformative experience of my life. It provided me with an opportunity to determine my own level of success through my efforts. While it was very financially rewarding for me, I’ve seen that the real “money” is what it did for my future. Both the experience and confidence I gained opened a vast amount of doors and brought me substantially further ahead of my peer group upon completion of college. I am fortunate to have found this program and the invaluable experience I have taken from it. Thanks to all the people in the organization who helped me get to where I am today.

  13. Josh says:

    I owned a franchise for 2 years and in those two years I learned and experienced more than I did in 5 years of school. College Pro gives students such an amazing experience by giving them an opportunity to run a REAL business. Most internships barely give you more experience than filing papers for someone or they give you an opportunity to ‘observe’ a real business. College Pro’s mission as a company is to provide exceptional leadership and management training to students in the real world. With such a challenging role this College Pro isn’t foe everybody and the case of people being upset or calling it a scam is because they don’t know any better. Anyone within our organization could talk for hours about how this isn’t a scam and how much this experience benefited them.

  14. Nobu Aoki says:

    I’m very glad to see the positive messages and comments from this article. I am a fourth year franchisee with College Pro and my experience, just like many of these others, has been a positive one. It is really unfortunate to see people using the word “scam” to relate to a company that has provided me with such invaluable skill development in the field of business. Because of College Pro, I will also be able to pursue a position in my current field of study upon graduation this December. Thank you College Pro!

  15. Marsel says:

    Running a College Pro franchise was one of the toughest yet most rewarding things I’ve done. I remember running a business for 2 years while attending college, and looking back on it I learned more about marketing, negotiations, business planning, hiring, etc than I did in my 4 years of business school.

    The experience taught me to think quickly in high pressure situations and figure things out on my own. However, there was a tremendous amount of support from other franchisees (some of which are my best friends today), the GM’s and everyone else in the organization.

    For the right individual this could be an experience that pays life-long dividends.

  16. Ty R says:

    There are a lot of positive things I can say about my experience with College Pro, but I would rather address the question at hand directly. Knowing what I know now (and after my first year as an FM) I would run a College Pro Franchise again even if I had to pay for it. Who could say that about a “scam”? Thank you College Pro for allowing me the opportunity to be apart of your awesome challenge, and to receive the development your program provides. You have afforded me opportunities and long term development every penny of my hard earned college education could and did not.

  17. Nick says:

    I have been a franchise manager for College Pro going on my fifth year. It’s an opportunity for young people second to no other. I started out in the program with the full knowledge that it was going to be the most challenging thing I would do and that the program is not for everyone. In saying that the amount of development I received in this program has changed my path in life and will continue to have a large impact on future opportunities.

  18. Evan says:

    My 7 years with College Pro has changed the course of my entire life. Its taught me how to take responsibility for myself, my life, and my career. Thanks to College Pro, I feel extremely capable as a business person in the working world. The idea that anyone would think that this program is a scam is a tragic waste of a truly wonderful opportunity.

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