Jan 5

The College Pro Painters Scam Challenge

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When you run against conventional wisdom, there’re always naysayers. According to the Kauffman Foundation over the last decade, the average rate of entrepreneurial activity was 0.29 percent in the US. This means that only 290 for every 100,000 individuals were involved in starting a new business – obviously not the majority! At College Pro, we run into a similar challenge since we work with young entrepreneurs to help them run successful businesses. Often when people hear of the idea of young people starting their own businesses they think “Oh that must be that College Pro Painters scam” because they can’t see how someone so young could possibly run a successful venture.

Each year though we teach young entrepreneurs a systematic way of operating a business, and that’s ultimately why so many franchisees are successful. Each franchisee has a coach that is assigned to them to help them figure out how to run a successful venture, and every coach has themselves run a successful business with College Pro. It’s this use of real life experience and systematic processes that allows us to teach young entrepreneurs how to consistently run successful businesses.

A lot of the issues with entrepreneurship come from the idea of risk or failure. The reality is that anyone starting their own company is taking on a risk and usually this is clear from the start. What isn’t always as clear is that by not starting your own company you may also be taking on a risk. The traditional job market has always been perceived as being the safer bet. Historically people would get jobs and stay in the same company for extended periods of time, eventually retiring to collect healthy pensions and live in the country. This is no longer the reality. In today’s world, you need to be mobile, adaptive & flexible in order to stay ahead, and, ultimately, you need to be able to create your own opportunities. If you really want control over your destiny why not place the bet on yourself? The risk of failure (however you define it – loss of money, time, or confidence) will always be there, regardless of whether you start now or not. But by taking small risks early in your career, you can gain tremendous benefits over the rest of your working life.

So next time you’re thinking of whether a business opportunity is a scam, or, in this case, whether or not there is a College Pro Painters scam, look inside and see where that comes from. Is it a fear of the unknown (more than 99% of people don’t run their own businesses!), or is it that you are unsure if you would be able to handle it? Either way, don’t just sit on the sidelines and think about entrepreneurship; start talking to people and making some moves. Now is your opportunity to make a difference and to really start taking control of your life, career and development.

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