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To prevent a college painters scam, learn what to expect from professional paint contractors:

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Getting your home painted is a big job, not only is it a big change but also a big commitment. There are some companies out there that disguise themselves as professional companies when they are really a college painters scam. To keep you in the know, College Pro Painters has provided a list of expectations you should hold any professional paint contractor accountable for.

  • Surface Preparation: Most professional contractors will include surface preparation in their estimates. While you have the freedom to do this on your own, it is best to let the professionals do the job. In many cases, if the prep work is done by the owner, the contractor will not guarantee a perfect finish.
  • Landscaping Cover: A professional job needs to be done in a professional manner. With paint, that means making the job accurate and neat without ruining other aspects of the house. Every professional contractor will be sure to cover surrounding areas and to make sure the paint ends up only where it is wanted.
  • Timely Work: Like any business professional, College Pro Painters estimates the amount of time your project needs to be completed. By creating a timeline in advance, they will have a productive work schedule and you will have an accurate expectation of how long the project will take.

Every professional paint contractor should be including these items in their service estimates. If you come across a service that does not offer these you may be in the midst of a college painters scam. At College Pro Painters, we are not a college painters scam. We offer all of these expectations and more to make sure that your paint job is done right and in a professional manner. Please use this list as a guide for future paint services, and be sure to keep College Pro Painters in mind.

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